Monday, March 31, 2014

Essence sun club eye shadow

Today I have to show you an eye shadow pallet that I am in love with! the Essence sun club glamour to go in Long Beach.

These shades are so easy to blend. I used this in today's school look. The eye shadow is very good quality without much fall out at all. Quite well milled and very affordable.

 8 really pretty gradient colors. I have been using the second one on top left a lot with the one next to it on the right.

I think the shades are very wearable.I find Essence eye shadows to be lovely and not at all chalky. The
packaging its in isn't too cheap and seems secure enough to put in your bag and go without worrying about it crumbling all over the place.

I think for the price its a great quality and nify little compact to have, you get quite a bit of product and it does seem to last quite awhile as I've had mine for awhile now. I've lost the little applicator it came with however.

I think it was priced at around $5.70 so a pretty good budget price for Australia products without going cheap and nasty.

You can't go wrong with these shades as they ,are all very pigmented and would suit most skin tones from very fair to quite dark.

Happy Monday


  1. The shadows look very pretty and I think essence products are great quality for the price. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other? If you do so please let me know on my blog so I can follow back!


  2. I cant find this anywhere! I really want it aswell! I work in the city so i went to both major pricelines and all they stock is the light colourful shades :(
    Love your blog hun
    Dani xo |

  3. Some lovely shades there and for a good price x


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