Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Face of Australia mineral therapy review

Hello lovelies, today is a sunny Wednesday morning and I am showing you three lovely Face of Australia products that I am just in love with. I bought these three at Kmart, when they were chucking out a tonnage of make up at silly prices because they were revamping their shelves. Before this I had only one Face Of Australia product, and that was their primer.

 Onto the products! Foa Mineral therapy Illuminator in Angel glow is so pretty to wear, gives a dewy finish and is light weight and easy to apply. I picked up this one for $5.
 The next foa product is the spf 30+ tinted moisturiser in light tint, I'm obsessed with this product because I can wear it like a primer under my foundation or a lone because it has seriously really good coverage! and its better than a bb cream in my opinion because it doesn't create my skin to be an oily hot mess. Now wait for it, I paid $2 for this one! so I snaffled up two of these because I loved it so much so I have a back up woohoo.

 last but not least is the nail polish in blog land I have read so many reviews that have said great things about this polish and I picked up this one again for $2 usually I think it was full price at $7 so that was a good score even though I'm not thrilled about the shade or texture as its that sand like texture that I'm still getting used to but I have it so that's what matters. its Foa carnivale nail polish in my island home.

 swatch of the tinted moisturiser
swatch of the illuminator

over all very happy with this little haul because I paid $12 all up for three full sized products that had nothing wrong with them they weren't marked, discontinued, or anything like that just I happened to be in the right place at the right time to score these bargains.

What are your favorite Face of Australia products?

Happy Wednesday guys

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