Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Garnier pure naturals moisture match skin care review

Hello all! I'm reviewing the new skin care range from Garnier! I bought it last week from Coles when I was out shopping. The Garnier pure naturals that came with the moisture match creams.

 I chose the light illuminating lotion because of the illuminating qualities. However this cream does nothing in the way of moisture retention! I do however use it like a primer before I put foundation on. So it is good for something and I do get a nice dewy glow. This week I will be purchasing a different lotion though.

I love this scrub! again I bought it for its radiance boosting powers and its really nice! I love how clean my skin feels without being over dry or pinched feeling afterwards. I also really love the scent.
I bought this because I needed a new cleanser and I wanted to try a pore refining one and I do believe its working. I love the scent, and it cleans well. It gives a gentle calming lather that I quite like. 

Over all I give these products a 8 out of 10 I'm happy with the last two but not the first. I bought these when they were on special priced in between $6.99 and $8.99 Aud. 

What skin care are you using?

Happy Wednesday 

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