Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How I treat my cystic acne

I have been having a break out of cystic acne for the last two weeks, I haven't had one for awhile and I can't quite put my finger on what's started it but its probably hormonal, and  or stress related. I have been using a couple of things that I am loving; that I think is helping the duration of the acne and also helps treat after the acne has gone, aka acne scarring and pigmentation. I get hyper pigmentation so I have to try and make sure I don't pick or scratch which occasionally I do but we're all human right?

First up is the Fair and lovely
 This was approx $5 from my local Indian grocery shop and works well at keeping hyper pigmentation at bay and helps with fading redness as well.
This is quite an expensive little bottle of Rosehip oil, I got it at Coles when shopping as I've read rave reviews about this product. I paid nearly $15 for it. However its great stuff, I use it like an eye cream, and for when my skin is feeling tight and dry. It helps reduce puffiness and makes my skin feel supple and smooth.

 I realize my case of cystic acne isn't as bad as others out there, so I know I am lucky in that regard but when I haven't been used to it, it does get me down and sometimes I don't like the way I look however I know it will pass and eventually heal. The only make up I was wearing in these shots were left over mascara from when I washed my face and a bit of tinted lip gloss.
My hair was being curly today! it never does natural curls so not sure why it was doing that today, but it looks like I put effort into my hair haha.

The third product I use is concealor and it's the Cover girl true match, the lightest one. I don't like to use a lot of foundation when my skin is playing up as I like for it to breath, and heal without getting even more clogged then it has to.

What do you do for your cystic or acne problems?

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Great post. I've never heard of Fair and Lovely before. I have always struggled with my skin. Clinique anti blemish and La Roche Posay products have always helped my skin.


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