Tuesday, April 29, 2014

easy eye make up contouring for hooded and protruding eye shapes

Hello all today was an at home day today and I planned to do a mini tutorial for an eye look I have been loving. This is how I shape out and contour my eyes a little as I have a combination of protruding eyes and hooded eyes making it hard to do certain looks and what not. You can use any shades as long as the first two on the lids are somewhat lighter and a bit gradual hence why I used white and navy blue. I used black as definition just to show you a more dramatic look but you could use any darker shade you wanted.

All the stuff I used but I did forget to show the black which was a nyx pallet. I used the white eye shadow in that trio and the navy blue shadow.

as usual start with a clean and moisturised face.
 start by patting the white shadow onto the eye lid and cover the eye lid, pack on as much white as you can. I used essence eye shadow brush.
 pick out any black matte eye shadow.
drag it from the outer corner into the inner corner blending upwards, I used Elf defining brush (I adore this brush)
 pick out a blue, it can have shimmer or be matte doesn't matter.
 dab it on the outer third of the lid blending outwards.
 so it looks something like this, also keep adding to the white and the black to deepen the colour.
wing out the black eye shadow just a little, a bit further from the outer v and blend so there are no harsh lines but keep deepening the colour intensity as required.
 The finished look paired with a pinky nude lipstick, black eye liner and mascara and I think its a great sultry look.

This is my first tutorial hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try out the look I would love to see it 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

sesame seed oil growing hair naturally

Hello all; well if you haven't worked it out by now I am obsessed with hair care products and in this post I bet I'm going to save you some money and make your hair look great. By using one underrated little product that I don't think is too widely known in hair care its superb at deep conditioning and taming the fly away's; as well as the dreaded monster frizz, you know what I'm talking about the frizz that takes over and makes the hair look like its alive and not in the good way.

I'm talking about sesame seed oil.
I purchased this from Coles supermarket for just $6.99 on special and have been using it ever since, last night I popped it in my hair over night for the first time as a deep conditioner treatment; washed it out this morning and my hair has thanked me for it today. I've been using it like a serum other times. This is how it dried naturally with no products added and no styling (lazy Sunday) for me this is pretty dang good to be able to run a comb through my hair and call it done!

The pro's about this oil 
its a light oil but does a similar job to castor oil (I know I've used both)
is cheap and easy to obtain (usually)

easy to use and doesn't break me out in acne as some oils are known for it like castor oil

the sesame seeds are loaded with natural goodness that is great for conditioning the scalp and the hair.

Its naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and anti inflammatory which means it will kill off any dandruff or other fungal's that you may have.

It is also great for treating long term hair loss and bald patches
helps prevent and treat split ends

gives your hair inner shin not just outer applied shine (aka serums or glosses)

sesame seed oil is emolliant rich so perfect not just for hair but for the body as well I've been using it on my hands and feet. Also its UV protecting against the suns harmful rays and soothes sun and wind burned skin and chapped lips.

It contains the natural fatty acids that your hair needs to become soft and strong without being dry and brittle in fact it feeds your hair as its full of vitamins.

It can also help with problems on the skin such as blemishes and acne, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, it absobs into the skin quickly and is not a heavy greasy feeling like olive oil, makes the skin feel velvety smooth afterwards.

The con's 
Because it is a seed I'm not sure how people who suffers allergies would go with it as a topical treatment
the smell of this stuff smells to me exactly like burned popcorn ick

I really love diy and natural products
what have you been using or suggest I use?
happy Sunday

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Favourite pink lipsticks and favourite products

Hello all so the other day I had been asked to share some of my favourite make up items that I have been wearing lately. There are 7 items in total that I love to rotate and I was also asked about my favourite pink shades of lip products that I have been using as well so I thought I would combine it into the one blog post for you today.

The Weather gods were on my side today and I took advantage of it loving the sunlight and warmth as the beginning of the week had been cold and wet.

These are the products  I am sure you have seen them or even used them yourself in some point of time.
They are popular for a reason after all.

 Ah pretty products how I love thee.

These are the three pink lip products I have been using as of late and loving because of their different shades and textures. We have from left to right Australis show stopper in hoola hoop, Covergirl crayon in Rebel petal, and Color whispers Maybelline in 65 pink possibilities. They are all cool toned pinks and aren't too in your face which I love when I wear pinks.

 These are the swatches from left to right color whispers, Covergirl lip crayon, Australis show stopper.

Now the favourite products I have been using are favourites because they are good quality, excellent value for money and not expensive.
We have 3 cream eye shadows and a cream gel eye liner. Eyeliner is by Elf in shade black I picked this up from Kmart for $8 and I gotta say I have been using it ever single day since I got it approx a month ago and its better than the rimmel eye gel I have and tops the Maybelline eye studio gel that I used to adore. 

you can see I have been using the eye liner a lot haha

The eye shadows I got all on sale from Target and they are the Covergirl shadow blast primer and rich color 805. 

The Maybelline color Tattoo's in 55 inked in pink a lovely wearable dusty pink that doesn't make my eyes look like I have pink eye. 05 Too cool a great white that makes the eyes pop. 

 I love these eye shadows because they are so creamy, blend well, look great as a base and you can wear them on their own as well. I use the Cover girl ones a lot I have four shades. I use them when I'm running late and still want to look like I've made an effort. They do have some shimmer but its not too obvious like some shadows that have glitter.

swatches inked in pink, cool white, cover girl 

what are your favourites you have been wearing? anything you think I should try?

enjoy the weekend 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The best ever lazy girls hair style

Hello lovelies today was a mostly at home day today with minimal drama, I say minimal because the netbook I had been using since my old laptop died on me about 3 weeks back suddenly wouldn't turn on and decided to die on me as well so other half said he'd buy me a new laptop (new to me but second hand from a computer shop) anyways took a trip down to the shop, looked at what they had and $400 later we took a new laptop home. We bought the Hp elite book. Anyways this is not the point of this blog post not at all! I wanted to show a quick and easy hair style for the lazy girls out there that still want to look like they have put effort into their hair.

I think this hairstyle really fits the bill on this one and its perfect because if you save the curls you get afterwards for the next day its pretty much two easy hair styles in one!

And yes I got sick of the length of my side swept bangs and turned them into a versatile fringe where it can look like a straight across fringe or side swept so I'm rather happy.

Flip in Pony side pony tail

All you need are pony tail holders, bobby pins, optional would be fancy clips or headbands or decorations. Also with any loose hair on the other side I just did a little twist and pinned it back to complete the look.
 I also pulled it out gently at the sides to make it look more natural and it creates a lovely do that looks complicated but isn't.

its a variation on the flip in hair style, instead of just one, I made two by continuing onwards with the length of my hair.You basically tie a loose pony tail at the side of your head, and create a hole in the pony tail, flip hair through, tighten a little and then continue on with however many you want to do.

Would you like to see more hair styles? how are you doing your hair?


Monday, April 21, 2014

Whats on my face Tuesday!

So I'm at the op shop volunteering today and wanted to make myself look pretty and this is the stuff I used to do just that!

 I used seven products in total and am loving using these items as well. I used on my face Face of Australia face base  primer, Maybelline Dream Matte mousse in nude, covergirl and olay eye concealor in shade 210 as my general concealor. Australis eye shadow trio in Earth I used the two lightest shades, I also used the Elf cream eye liner in black, and Rimmel londons Scandaleyes mascara in 001 black, and my favourite lipstick for Fall and Winter at the moment is Rimmel London's 166 Temptation.

Now Primers I haven't really used that much but I did try the Rimmel fix and perfect one and I hated it, but I am in love with the Face of Australia one.
 These products I've had for awhile and am wanting to use more! the mascara is one of my faves and I always go back to it. I got it last year in a box gift when I purchased $20 of Rimmel make up.
 The concealor is great really stays put and is great for drying skin like mine that is prone to flakeyness and so on.
 Just love this shade of lipstick!

What make up are you wearing? Thought I'd do a regular Tuesday thing of this
Happy Tuesday

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello all again today I'm showing a first and that is a manicure I did on myself using the lovely Essence nail polish in their snow white range that I picked up on clearance at Target for $2 and the shade is called Happy, indeed it is a happy color, It's an easy polish to use, and achieves opacity at 2 coats, no fishing or streaking.

 Certainly not the usual shades I go for but couldn't pass up this daffodil yellow! its really lovely and you can  wear it without feeling like its too in your face. Essence nail polishes are great quality too and a fab price all being under $3.
Happy Days

L'oreal Paris Arginine resist x3 anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner my review

I am addicted to shampoo's and conditioners and I have had to put myself on a self imposed shampoo and conditioner buying ban because I have at least 4 different types currently sitting in my shower. But I have been using this latest purchase which I bought about a month ago at Coles Supermarket when they had a special on it, I got it for $3.99 which is a pretty decent price for Australia standards as everything costs more here than other countries. It's usually $6 each otherwise.

What L'oreal Paris arginine resist x3 shampoo and conditioner says
Assists with reducing hair fall from the 1st application*.
*Hair fall due to breakage.

Arginine is an essential amino acid vital for the structure of the hair fibre. Enriched with ARGININE + PROTEIN. The new formula stimulates micro-circulation at the root to encourage the supply of nutrients around the bulb.

 Now I have used a few of L'oreal elvive products I have used the total repair one and that left a horrible sticky residue coating my hair that I couldn't stand and had to wash it out with another shampoo. So now I've been using it up to clean my toilet and in my laundry so there is no wastage! So I was a bit reluctant to try this one as I thought it would be all silicone based and horrible. However I have found the love of my life with regards to shampoo and conditioner right here in these two bottles.
 This pair is fantastic, it makes my hair softer without feeling weighed down, oily or like anything is coating my hair that it shouldn't. It's easy to wash out, smells lovely without being over powering and actually does the job of stopping my hair fall out. My hair is thick and it molts pretty much like a dog or cat, I'm always finding hair in the drain or floor of my bathroom and this has actually helped reduce it because I know I haven't been cleaning up as much hair. Also less hair in my hair brush as well because I normally find a handful of hair after brushing.
 It tames the frizz because if I don't have the right products the hair can turn into the most terrible birds nest style ever. I seriously mean ever. I swear you could find rats living in it as it looks that bad when its not being maintained. Now I've been growing my hair out since Jan this year and its grown approx 5 inches which is pretty good considering my hair growth is slow, and my hair does fall out. I believe this has been helping over the last month in keeping it strong and healthy so it can grow better.
 Arginine: A key ingredient essential for your hair. 
                L’OrĂ©al laboratories have harnessed the power of Arginine, 
                an amino acid that occurs naturally in the fibre and around 
                the hair follicle, to restructure fragile hair that has a tendency 
                to fall out."

the shampoo is milky white in color, and foams quite easily and you don't need to use much, I use a dollop and it does me well. You use the shampoo on the scalp focusing there and rubbing it in and rinsing out when done. The conditioner is then used at the ends. Which is lightweight and great because it leaves my hair feeling nicely balanced because I have dry ends and oily scalp. Also a lot of the conditioner is absorbed into the hair instead of running off which is great and shows that it works for me. I'm left with hair that is easily manageable and can even air dry without any extra tools that damages hair.

Over all I give this shampoo and conditioner an 8 out of 10! for comparison I give the Total repair one a 2 out of 10.

What products are you using on your hair?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

my animal kingdom

Seeing as some of you liked my post about my work placement at the wildlife shelter I thought I'd introduce you to my other passion. My partner and I keep birds. We have pet parrots and aviary bred parrots as well. And this one that I'm introducing you to is named Silly she is an Alexandrine cross Indian ringnack female and is disabled as her feet turn inwards but she is a lovely girl and loves cuddles with her mummy.
 enjoying her cuddles
  Silly flew up onto the airconditioner!
don't mind me today is a no make up day and I'm still in my jammies lol

Silly says it was lovely meeting you beauties! would you like more of these animal related posts? I have guinea pigs and 3 cats also that I am slave to.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!


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