Tuesday, April 29, 2014

easy eye make up contouring for hooded and protruding eye shapes

Hello all today was an at home day today and I planned to do a mini tutorial for an eye look I have been loving. This is how I shape out and contour my eyes a little as I have a combination of protruding eyes and hooded eyes making it hard to do certain looks and what not. You can use any shades as long as the first two on the lids are somewhat lighter and a bit gradual hence why I used white and navy blue. I used black as definition just to show you a more dramatic look but you could use any darker shade you wanted.

All the stuff I used but I did forget to show the black which was a nyx pallet. I used the white eye shadow in that trio and the navy blue shadow.

as usual start with a clean and moisturised face.
 start by patting the white shadow onto the eye lid and cover the eye lid, pack on as much white as you can. I used essence eye shadow brush.
 pick out any black matte eye shadow.
drag it from the outer corner into the inner corner blending upwards, I used Elf defining brush (I adore this brush)
 pick out a blue, it can have shimmer or be matte doesn't matter.
 dab it on the outer third of the lid blending outwards.
 so it looks something like this, also keep adding to the white and the black to deepen the colour.
wing out the black eye shadow just a little, a bit further from the outer v and blend so there are no harsh lines but keep deepening the colour intensity as required.
 The finished look paired with a pinky nude lipstick, black eye liner and mascara and I think its a great sultry look.

This is my first tutorial hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try out the look I would love to see it 


  1. Nice post! Looks really great♥
    Best wishes!

  2. Great look!
    Nominated you for a Liebster award!

  3. Hi gorgeous, thank you for stopping by! You have a lovely blog with interesting posts, I am now following you via GFC, keep in touch



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