Saturday, April 5, 2014

elf make up cream eye liner, mascara and brush

Hello all! last night I went to Kmart and was surprised to see that Elf is back in Australian stores again! a couple of years ago Target stocked elf I think it was 6 or so years ago and then they stopped.. So I purchased the black cream eye liner as I'm a sucker for cream/gel eye liners and this one is $8 in Kmart. I also purchased the defining and lengthening black mascara; by elf and their elf professional defining eye brush. I always thought that having eye brushes for different tasks were a bit of an over talked about topic how wrong was I! I used it today and was please with the results, makes it so much easier (yes I know rather late to the show with that ha ha)

 I am in love with this brush already, its so soft, easy to use and totally makes the job of cr
eating eye looks easier, I paid $3 for this one too. The brush is light, but not flimsy and not too long a handle either. They do have some of their studio range, this is the basic range so I will look into those products as I'm interested in trying out their cream eye shadows and matt lipsticks. Their eye shadow Quads are still the same from years ago and I do have a couple of them in my stash.

I am already in love with this mascara, its a liquidy formula and I love the wand, it doesn't clump and its not hard to apply. For $3 was very happy with this purchase. I think the packaging is quite nice really, its sturdy and easy to open and close which I guess is what we are after. It's not too cheap looking but realy we aren't paying for the packaging we are paying for the product.

you can see the top of the lashes where I bodged the application a little because it was my first go at using the mascara and wasn't sure what the formula would have been like however the lengthening properties of this mascara I am thrilled with! it sets/dries quickly too.

I'm going shopping on Wednesday will be purchasing more elf products! I am also going to go to Terry white chemists because I've read things about Ulta3 going more into make up and want to pick up some eye shadows from them.
watch out elf here I come! J


  1. Never tried elf products, in my alergic-person life I'm always scared of trying out new products lol Follow each other? :)

    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

  2. Great post. I have the Elf liner on my future want to try list too. I am currently using the Collection Extreme felt tip liner and so far so good :0)

  3. You have really amazing eyelashes! I love them! *o*

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    Have a nice day!


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