Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Favorite red lipsticks

Hello all on this dreary wet Wednesday! I thought I would brighten up your day with a post about my favourite red lipsticks and one nudeish lipstick that I just love wearing! I never used to be a lipstick girl as I was only a lip gloss girl, but now I've fallen down the rabbit hole and am lost in the arrays of colors, textures and brands that lipsticks come in. Can anyone find me? maybe I don't want to be found!

First off the products I have been wearing.
 A bit of a mixture there regarding brands, my favorite out of the brands is the Essence 50's reloaded lipstick I paid $1 for it when it was on clearance at Target I'm loving to use it however I don't have a back up of it and don't want to run out of it either! The shade is 01 back to the 50's.
 My next favorite is the Australis pout paste (I don't like the name but I love the product) for some reason pout paste irks me. Sadly the color name has disappeared from the packaging however its a bright red and I just love it. Not for the faint hearted!

I also have been using the Australis show stopper glossy stick in hoola hoop which I love wearing on school days as its not as bold. I have also been wearing the Rimmel london 077 Asia the only nude I feel comfortable wearing because I tend to look washed out wearing them. Especially brown nudes!

 Swatches top of hand to bottom, Essence 50's re loaded lipstick, Rimmel London 077 Asia, Australis pout paste, Australis glossy stick Hoola hoop.
What shades have you been wearing lately? I really love a bold lip especially in red, not so much a pink lippy girl but reds and berries I do love wearing. I think they brighten up any day don't you? I will most likely be adding more to my collection today as I'm going shopping with my bestie and will be checking out the make up stands.

What do you do to cheer up a deary rainy day?


  1. I prefer berries to reds, only because I think it suits me more! But those are some great shades!


  2. $1? That's cheap! You're a lucky one! I love the color of the australis pout paste ♥ *and, yes, the name is horrible lol* xx

    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

  3. thanks ladies, glad I'm not the only one on pout paste haha yup I love discount make up heehee always on the hunt for it

  4. Love a red lip - Its such a glamorous look- You should try Bourjois #21 Shine stunning colour and great product. Really affordable and really great -

    theblackandwhiteboard.blogspot.com xoxo

  5. Love the swatches! I am really big on red, bold lips <3

    Abby of My Hair Care


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