Thursday, April 24, 2014

Favourite pink lipsticks and favourite products

Hello all so the other day I had been asked to share some of my favourite make up items that I have been wearing lately. There are 7 items in total that I love to rotate and I was also asked about my favourite pink shades of lip products that I have been using as well so I thought I would combine it into the one blog post for you today.

The Weather gods were on my side today and I took advantage of it loving the sunlight and warmth as the beginning of the week had been cold and wet.

These are the products  I am sure you have seen them or even used them yourself in some point of time.
They are popular for a reason after all.

 Ah pretty products how I love thee.

These are the three pink lip products I have been using as of late and loving because of their different shades and textures. We have from left to right Australis show stopper in hoola hoop, Covergirl crayon in Rebel petal, and Color whispers Maybelline in 65 pink possibilities. They are all cool toned pinks and aren't too in your face which I love when I wear pinks.

 These are the swatches from left to right color whispers, Covergirl lip crayon, Australis show stopper.

Now the favourite products I have been using are favourites because they are good quality, excellent value for money and not expensive.
We have 3 cream eye shadows and a cream gel eye liner. Eyeliner is by Elf in shade black I picked this up from Kmart for $8 and I gotta say I have been using it ever single day since I got it approx a month ago and its better than the rimmel eye gel I have and tops the Maybelline eye studio gel that I used to adore. 

you can see I have been using the eye liner a lot haha

The eye shadows I got all on sale from Target and they are the Covergirl shadow blast primer and rich color 805. 

The Maybelline color Tattoo's in 55 inked in pink a lovely wearable dusty pink that doesn't make my eyes look like I have pink eye. 05 Too cool a great white that makes the eyes pop. 

 I love these eye shadows because they are so creamy, blend well, look great as a base and you can wear them on their own as well. I use the Cover girl ones a lot I have four shades. I use them when I'm running late and still want to look like I've made an effort. They do have some shimmer but its not too obvious like some shadows that have glitter.

swatches inked in pink, cool white, cover girl 

what are your favourites you have been wearing? anything you think I should try?

enjoy the weekend 


  1. Great products♥
    Have a nice day!

  2. I love that color tattoo in the inked in pink shade!! it is so pretty :)


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