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L'oreal Paris Arginine resist x3 anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner my review

I am addicted to shampoo's and conditioners and I have had to put myself on a self imposed shampoo and conditioner buying ban because I have at least 4 different types currently sitting in my shower. But I have been using this latest purchase which I bought about a month ago at Coles Supermarket when they had a special on it, I got it for $3.99 which is a pretty decent price for Australia standards as everything costs more here than other countries. It's usually $6 each otherwise.

What L'oreal Paris arginine resist x3 shampoo and conditioner says
Assists with reducing hair fall from the 1st application*.
*Hair fall due to breakage.

Arginine is an essential amino acid vital for the structure of the hair fibre. Enriched with ARGININE + PROTEIN. The new formula stimulates micro-circulation at the root to encourage the supply of nutrients around the bulb.

 Now I have used a few of L'oreal elvive products I have used the total repair one and that left a horrible sticky residue coating my hair that I couldn't stand and had to wash it out with another shampoo. So now I've been using it up to clean my toilet and in my laundry so there is no wastage! So I was a bit reluctant to try this one as I thought it would be all silicone based and horrible. However I have found the love of my life with regards to shampoo and conditioner right here in these two bottles.
 This pair is fantastic, it makes my hair softer without feeling weighed down, oily or like anything is coating my hair that it shouldn't. It's easy to wash out, smells lovely without being over powering and actually does the job of stopping my hair fall out. My hair is thick and it molts pretty much like a dog or cat, I'm always finding hair in the drain or floor of my bathroom and this has actually helped reduce it because I know I haven't been cleaning up as much hair. Also less hair in my hair brush as well because I normally find a handful of hair after brushing.
 It tames the frizz because if I don't have the right products the hair can turn into the most terrible birds nest style ever. I seriously mean ever. I swear you could find rats living in it as it looks that bad when its not being maintained. Now I've been growing my hair out since Jan this year and its grown approx 5 inches which is pretty good considering my hair growth is slow, and my hair does fall out. I believe this has been helping over the last month in keeping it strong and healthy so it can grow better.
 Arginine: A key ingredient essential for your hair. 
                L’OrĂ©al laboratories have harnessed the power of Arginine, 
                an amino acid that occurs naturally in the fibre and around 
                the hair follicle, to restructure fragile hair that has a tendency 
                to fall out."

the shampoo is milky white in color, and foams quite easily and you don't need to use much, I use a dollop and it does me well. You use the shampoo on the scalp focusing there and rubbing it in and rinsing out when done. The conditioner is then used at the ends. Which is lightweight and great because it leaves my hair feeling nicely balanced because I have dry ends and oily scalp. Also a lot of the conditioner is absorbed into the hair instead of running off which is great and shows that it works for me. I'm left with hair that is easily manageable and can even air dry without any extra tools that damages hair.

Over all I give this shampoo and conditioner an 8 out of 10! for comparison I give the Total repair one a 2 out of 10.

What products are you using on your hair?


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