Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March skincare madness

hello lovelies,
 I thought I would take advantage of the March sunshine we are experiencing and conduct my first ever monthly favorites! so I will hereby call this the March favorite post. I know not very original but, I do like monthly tags.

These products I have been using since I got them; whether it be very recently or a few weeks ago and I am in love with.

Here are the six products. At the moment I am all about skin care and hair products. I have neglected this side of things for way to long. But these products are in my every day use now and I use them either daily or twice daily, in my routine.
 Palmers Cocoa butter formula dry skin lotion I picked up from Coles supermarket the other night, for $3.37 and I have been using it on my feet and my hands ever since and am loving it because its non greasy, affordable and actually works so I think for the price its pretty amazing stuff. It smells fab and is in a handy sized tube for chucking in my handbag; also the packaging is sturdy and I don't feel like it will squish out every where and make a nasty chocolate smelling mess!
 Next is the Loreal Evive ant-ibreakage leave in conditioner; I have their shampoo and conditioner also but love this; when my hair needs a bit of love as its been very dry lately. I picked this up on sale at coles a few weeks ago for $4.99 and am loving it doesn't make my hair greasy but makes it look soft and healthy.Also from Coles supermarket when it was on special.
 Garnier pure active pimple reducing toner I picked up at Sam's wharehouse for $3 on sale and am so in love with it. If I cannot find it in stock in other shops I'm going to be so sad, its pore reducing, scar reducing and anti marks as well and my skin is looking so much better for it. I have been looking at Coles and Priceline but I think they might have stopped producing this one, so sad. Can anyone recommend me a replacement?
 The Garnier Miceller cleansing water, well it sure has made its rounds in the beauty side of things so I wont bang on about it. I picked up a month ago at Coles Supermarket  for $8.99 usually $11.99 but I love it so much that I would pay full price for it as you get a lot of product for the money; gets rid of the eye liner and water proof mascara so easily, doesn't irritate my eyes or my skin and its lasting an age! I'll be repurchasing this for sure.
 Dirty works coconut shea butter lotion I brought from Coles for $6.99 on special I also brought the matching body scrub and love them both to bits. I adore the lightly coconut sent and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated without being greasy.
Now the product I have been most impressed with by far is the sukin facial moisturiser that I purchased from Priceline about 3 weeks ago for $9.99 and I have to say I am so impressed with it. My skin has never felt so soft, hydrated and as it can be rather thirsty this product easily lasts 12 hours I also love that it wont break the bank and it uses mostly natural derived products. 

What are your favorites this month?


  1. Nice products!
    Have a beautiful day♥

  2. Loved your post. Thank you doll for visiting my blog. :-)

  3. I'm about that Ganier miceller water soon. I guess I will like it as much as you do! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just followed you but I didn't see you on my list it would be great if you could try to follow me again :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  4. Love your blog..what do you think of following each other? Let me know :)
    Laura xx

  5. I wanna try the cocoa formula so badddd! Love this post, ooxo


  6. You have such a nice blog!

  7. I really want to try that garnier toner!
    Loving you blog :)
    I am following you on google plus now, hope you follow back.


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