Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maybelline Dream nude air foam foundation first impressions

On Sunday we took a trip to Target and I picked up on clearance the Maybelline dream nude air foam foundation for $15 at Priceline they have all face foundations for $15 so not a bad saving. I thought I'd use today as a first impressions kind of thing on the foundation. When searching for a new foundation if I am  going to pay full price I do my share of research. Also known as reading other blogs, then I go out testing swatches and color matching and then I'll buy it if I'm 90% happy cause you cannot be 100% happy till you have tried it. So with clearance items I usually just pick them up on a whim.

 I choseig the shade creamy natural 200 and I think the best thing about this foundation is that it has spf 20 in it which is great for my sun loathing pale skin
 It is light to medium coverage but is quite buildable and on my skin which is combination dry is seems to wear through the day well I think on oily skin it would be troubling and slip off.

 This is what is looks like on me at the end of the day, it covers redness, but I do need extra concealor to hide blemishes but what I do like is that it really evens out my skintone and complexion and doesn't feel heavy.

have you tried this? so far I'm happy with it. May just become my every day wear foundation.

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