Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The best ever lazy girls hair style

Hello lovelies today was a mostly at home day today with minimal drama, I say minimal because the netbook I had been using since my old laptop died on me about 3 weeks back suddenly wouldn't turn on and decided to die on me as well so other half said he'd buy me a new laptop (new to me but second hand from a computer shop) anyways took a trip down to the shop, looked at what they had and $400 later we took a new laptop home. We bought the Hp elite book. Anyways this is not the point of this blog post not at all! I wanted to show a quick and easy hair style for the lazy girls out there that still want to look like they have put effort into their hair.

I think this hairstyle really fits the bill on this one and its perfect because if you save the curls you get afterwards for the next day its pretty much two easy hair styles in one!

And yes I got sick of the length of my side swept bangs and turned them into a versatile fringe where it can look like a straight across fringe or side swept so I'm rather happy.

Flip in Pony side pony tail

All you need are pony tail holders, bobby pins, optional would be fancy clips or headbands or decorations. Also with any loose hair on the other side I just did a little twist and pinned it back to complete the look.
 I also pulled it out gently at the sides to make it look more natural and it creates a lovely do that looks complicated but isn't.

its a variation on the flip in hair style, instead of just one, I made two by continuing onwards with the length of my hair.You basically tie a loose pony tail at the side of your head, and create a hole in the pony tail, flip hair through, tighten a little and then continue on with however many you want to do.

Would you like to see more hair styles? how are you doing your hair?



  1. Lovely hair style, you look great!♥
    Best wishes!

  2. You look great! I am your new follower , hope you can follow me back!


  3. Beautiful hair :)


  4. Looks great

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