Saturday, May 31, 2014

A natural diy chemical free frizz serum how to naturally de frizz hair

Hello all on the first day of Winter for us Aussies. It's a foggy old day and I woke up with a mass of frizzy hair so I figured I'd show you how I get naturally frizz free hair without any chemicals what so ever and only a bit of heat from the straightening iron.

Lets begin
You will need to brush out your hair and collect your things for use. I used hair straightener, sessame seed oil and a brush.

This is my hair when I woke up this morning I look so thrilled with it eh?

Pour a little of the oil into your hands, I actually used way to much for my hair I'd suggest half that amount but if you go over board just use a bit of dry shampoo or I used baking powder as dry shampoo. Rub it into your hands and then along the lengths of your hair.

 heat up the hair straightener mine is the Vs very straight hair straightener which I adore using (do excuse my bathroom sink its a mess) You can make your hair as straight as you want but I prefer a more natural look and my hair has a mind of its own so this is what it does.
and there you go, the end results without using any chemicals. The oil has a natural uv heat protecting ability and sometimes I don't use a store bored heat protector just the oil. Does the same results and my hair doesn't look damaged at all.

What do you think? let me know if you use it and how it goes!

Friday, May 30, 2014

skin brightening skin firming and pore reducing mask diy at home dirt cheap!

Hello all today I have a diy skincare treatment that I think you will all love! I love using this weekly and I know it has truly helped my skin. It helps reduce acne, reduces pore size, reduces redness and retains moisture.

So I love doing natural at home, diy face masks that are dirt cheap and great for the skin! I have problem skin even as an adult. I suffer from break outs, uneven skintone, redness and hyperpigmentation as well as acne scarring and deep pores. I try and fix these naturally as possible and on a budget. This mask I'm doing is great and actually does work!

What you'll need
Bicarb soda, lemon, natural set yoghurt, and honey

Take one spoonful of honey, add it to two spoonful's of yoghurt, and cut up one lemon, squeeze in half the lemon juice of one side. Add baking soda, I use about one tsp and you will see it bubble and react with the liquid.

Note this isn't good for those with extremely sensitive skin as you will feel slight tingling/burning somewhat similar to a lip plumping lipgloss what it does when you apply it to the lips. So if you aren't used to that or don't like that then this isn't for you.

Gather supplies, bicarb soda, lemon, natural yoghurt and honey.
 I believe the lactose in the yoghurt helps firm up the skin, and the honey, bicarb and the lemon helps even out the skin, reduce pores and brightens skintone as well. My skin feels super soft and smooth after this!

 mix lemon, yoghurt and honey together, stir until combined
 add tsp of bicarb soda and watch it bubble, the bubbles will subside after a minute or so and no they don't continue bubbling on the face.

Apply with a brush as I find this easiest I used an old make up flat angled brush to apply to my face. Avoiding lips, and eye areas. Leave on for approx 15-20 minutes or until mostly dry then wash with luke warm water and a face cloth and finish with your normal skincare routine.

Bicarb soda is a well known acne fixing treatment and I believe the lemon acts as a great pore reducer and skin brightener. So lots of good stuff happens after this mask! I do this or a variation of another one involving cinnamon and tumeric will I'll show later this week approx twice a week or as needed as my skin is quite dry so I need extra moisture sometimes.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Friday 

Monday, May 26, 2014

MaxFactor xperience sheer gloss balm review

Hello lovelies today we went up to the farm and enjoyed some countryside which was lovely in the sunshine that we had. Today I'm showing you one of my favourite lipproducts as of late. Max Factor's Xperience sheer gloss balm in Red Garnet. I picked this one and the Purple orchid one up from Kmart ages ago for $3 on clearance.

 They claim that it will give you sheen and moisture in which lips will feel smooth and silky, enriched with mango and shea butter, and contains spf 10 for added protection against the sun.
 I feel this is a more adult version of the Maybelline Babylips. I rather like the pigmentation because you can wear it through the day and feel comfortable. It lasts a good few hours and doesn't feel stick and its a bit more pigmented then a tinted lipbalm
 it gives great hydration and my lips feel soothed and softened. For someone that suffers dry lips I appreciate anything that products have to offer to sooth lips!
have you tried these and if so what are your thoughts?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

going cruelty free in make up

Hello all, I had a busy day today up at the animal shelter and was thinking that to make this post a beauty related post I'll post what was running through my head. Intrigued? keep reading! I'm pledging from now on to buy products that are ethical and do not test on animals. I was actually worried about making this rather limiting for me but I have since learned that products I know I already to buy don't test on animals so that makes me happy. However the ones that I do have and do test on animals I will NOT be re purchasing ever again.

This is Indy my 9 year old bunny, I would hate to think any of his extended family were getting injured in the name of  beauty. A frivolous and ever demanding industry for sure however I believe that I can be more ethical in what I purchase. I can't really be an animal activist if I'm purchasing products that are hurting animals!

So far products that I own that don't test on animals are (this is to my current knowledge)
Face of Australia
Original source
Cocoa's palmers (from what I gather they are cruelty free still researching though)
wet n wild
Physicans Formula
Lol (Kmart brand)
Designer Brands
Chi Chi
Rimmel London?

This list will grow bigger the more I find out about this :)
So wish me luck in this movement and tell me what companies you know that don't test on animals? I realize that this is all a rather personal thing for everyone and of course there is no judgement from me if you do or don't, heck I used to buy make up just for the sake of buying it!

This is going to also lead onto hair care and body care but so far I'm researching the make up side of things.

Also side note I'm only just starting to get into Season one of Game of Thrones! bit slow huh heehee

I'm trying to make smarter choices

wish me luck!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Empties

Hello all on this wet and cold Thursday evening, I wanted to do a quick post as I was clearing out my empties! so this is all about products I have actually used up. This is actually my first ever empties post. I have been loving these products too so I'm always sad when good products are empty! This shampoo has actually been very good, it was a cheap find at Sams Wharehouse for $3

 I had bought this cleanser and toner at Coles on special around Christmas and decided to finish it up, it is ok but I've got other products to use up now.

 Another Dove product, it was good but again I've got other items to use up. Again purchased from Coles on special.
 This one I can't make up my mind on, the first two days my hair looks great after using however I think since then I have trained my hair to not need shampooing as much. I usually use up conditioner first too haha.

This one I actually loved, the scent was amazing so its sad I can't actually find any more of this, Priceline has the brand but in other scents. I purchased from Sam's Wharehouse for $3. 

So these are going into my bins as empties, have you finished anything lately? good or bad? 


Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's in my make up bag?

Hello all, if you cannot tell by all the leaves it is Autumn/Fall here in Australia haha yes we have leaves galore at the moment. I thought I'd take the time to show you what is in my make up bag. These are my favourite items out of my rather extensive make up collection that has gone into this wee pink bag. It's a models prefer make up bag that was given to me by my bestie. 

 There are 9 products in total, do I use them all? well not ever day but when the occasion calls for an item I'll use it then. The products are ChiChi iphone pallet in Fashion, Rimmel London gel eye liner in black, Maxfactor long lasting performance foundation, Maybelline age rewind eye concealer, Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara in black, Nyx Jumbo eye shadow pencil in white, a purple eye shadow liner I use as an eye shadow base. Cover girl flamed out mascara in black, Max factors liptint.

These products I have loved using and so have been put into this handy dandy little make up bag that is the perfect size for my somewhat large handbag.

What do you keep in your makeup bag?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Max factor lasting performance foundation holy grail, review best ever foundation for covering redness

This review is about my latest and most favourite liquid foundation to date! I wont call it my holy grail foundation yet as its only been a week however its nearly there and that is big, from me. I purchased this from an opshop (charity shop) some times they get new make up products in. They had a bunch of foundations and I picked up two maxfactor ones and one revlon one, the revlon one was terrible but this one I am in love with and have been using it every. Single. Day.

It hides my blemishes, it hides my redness, it hides my imperfections and it doesn't rub off during the day because for some foundations and my skin it just slides right off. It also hasn't discoloured on my skin! which is a miracle unto itself because most foundations tends to go a different colour throughout the day on me which is so frustrating.

This foundation is
Max Factor
Long lasting performance and I am in the shade 106 natural beige. It's Max Factors number one foundation best seller, and its a full coverage foundation that doesn't look cakey and anything horrid on the skin. It is a mostly matte finish and lasts the full day without touching up.

 It comes in this neat little squeazy tube which I love because I freaking hate bottles without pumps... so much so I wont purchase foundations without a pump. This is so easy to use, and the packaging is sturdy and quite portable for its size.

I quite like the design of the packaging itself with the star on the front like that. I have also read a couple of rave reviews on this product and that is claimed to be a near dupe for the Cliniques ever lasting foundation so that is pretty cool as I don't buy high end products as its out of my price range. It's meant to also be a dupe for the benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation. Both of which I haven't tried but have read reviews on.

There is the little nozzle. It seriously has the perfect dispenser for this foundation because its so easy to get out and use. I also love using it this way because it is more hygienic.

 It is such a good colour match for me, I just love it. Its a combination of yellow and pink from what I can tell with the undertone so I think that is why it works so well for me.  The formula is slightly runny but also still thick enough that it covers and blends well without slipping off your face by the end of the day. To me it feels very creamy

This is what it looks like on the hand blended out, It blends out so smoothly and I can use a brush or my fingers and it doesn't apply streaky. Also it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and so far hasn't broken me out in acne.

Any Max Factor products you have been loving? I rate this product a 8.5 out of 10 
I paid $3 for it however I'm not sure how much it retails new in Australia as I'll have to look into that. 

Happy Sunday 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

purple snow eye shadow look for hooded eyes

Hello again lovelies I thought I'd take advantage of this amazing weather we are experiencing in Melbourne and show off a couple of looks (eyes and nails)

This is a fab eye shadow look for gals with hooded eyes!

 I used the nyx jumbo pencil in white on the lids, and in the crease and outer 3rd of the lids I used a purple in a Designed brand pallet that I had in my stash. I just blended them but not too much as I like the more defined color look. Also used black eye liner and smudged it underneath and black mascara as well to round off the eye look.
 you can see in this bottom photo how defining the outer 3rd of the eyes contours them a little even though I have hooded eyes. You can still see the color on the sides.
 With matching lilac nails in Essence nail polish called New york. I adore Essence nail polishes because they are so easy to use, cheap and are fantastic quality as well.
 must be a purple kind of day for me at the moment!

it takes two coats to get a good opaque coating, and pastels are really in at the moment as well I think so right on trend.
Happy Wednesday (yup two posts in one day)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser review

Hello there lovelies,

I purchased this little item on ebay quite a few months ago because sadly it isn't available in stores in Australia however I bought it for approx $5 and it had free shipping so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm obsessed with anything that refines or erases pores as I do have a couple of large pores due to acne scarring. My skin type is somewhat mature skin as I am 30 years old this year and my skin is combination oily but with some dry patches around the nose. Just a little background for you there.

 its cute packaging attracted me to it because its youthful looking, fun and not too young as I am 30 this year and I don't want to be purchasing teenage based products for my skin as its somewhat mature skin now. But the inner girl in me was happy by the packaging, its in a handy tube somewhat similar to a lip balm package.

It feels sturdy enough to not make a nasty mess in your handbag so it would be great for travelling with as well.
 I have read that this product can be compared to the Benefit Porefessional (which I have not used) this product is a silica based product to leave skin feeling soft, velvety and matte which is great for oily to combination skin.It will blur any imperfections such as fine lines, enlarged pores and make you have a subtle youthful appearance. The price itself was rather inexpensive eve for Australian standards because yes we do pay extra even buying online.

The texture of this product is a silken clear gel that is so light on the skin which is great because I don't like wearing heavy products that clog up my pores. Best thing for my skin as I do also have dry patches around my nose it does not cling and flake as I have had some primers do that on my skin. I wouldn't say this product is a miracle product and hey presto pores are begone however it does disguise the pores rather well.
 It blends in well and you can wear it on its own without make up, under make up, or over make up to fill in pores and gives a nice soft finish to the makeup. It lasts all day which is nice. As an added bonus for oily prone skin it does help oil control.
 I found this product better than the Rimmel London fix and perfect primer which I binned a few months back because it was terrible on my skin.
Overall I give this Maybelline baby skin instant pre eraser a 8 out of 10 which in itself is a pretty good score from me as I'm a picky customer regarding primers :)

What primers do you use and do you use them under or over make up?

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, May 11, 2014

make up look for today

Hello all finally the weather has cleared up and its lovely and sunny for us, so I thought I'd take the advantage and show off this eye shadow I've found in my stash and have started using.

it is the Loreal Color Minerals, mineral eye shadow in the shade 08 Golden Olive.
I've always been attracted to these colors... this is no exception as its really pretty not just in
the little container but on the eye as well.

 it looks unassuming really doesn't it in this little bottle? I don't really like the brush it comes with so I used my Essence eye shadow brush and that seems to be working rather well for me at present.
 I tried to show it in different light, this is how I'm wearing it to class today, and I think its a really versatile eye shadow. I do have other shades in this line and a blush that I'll start to use now I have found them in my make up stash! its like going shopping at home when you find things you had forgotten about.
 I really think you could dress up or down this eye shadow, it just looks really pretty and would suit a lot of skin tones I think.

I'd better head off to class
Happy Monday

Saturday, May 10, 2014

purple nails day

Hello all well today's weather is not much better than yesterdays but as its Mothers day I'm getting ready to go out and have lunch and devonshire tea with my mother in law. We are heading up to Kallista to a little tea room I have found. And as such in getting ready I did my nails and thought I'd show you.

 my first ever opi nail polish! I love purple at the moment so so much and no idea where it came from because I never used to like purple. I actually picked up 3 bottles of opi polishes from the opshop! and I only paid $1 in total for them! bargain.
 I don't know much about opi and how they call their shades but this is what is said on the bottom of the bottle.

 its a nice glossy coat of purple yay lol
I have been trying these out for awhile and I've come to the conclusion I wouldn't pay full price in Australia they retail $13! I find brands like Essence are just as good in quality and you can purchase more of them. However I like wearing these for the price I did pay!

Happy mothers day all

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