Saturday, May 31, 2014

A natural diy chemical free frizz serum how to naturally de frizz hair

Hello all on the first day of Winter for us Aussies. It's a foggy old day and I woke up with a mass of frizzy hair so I figured I'd show you how I get naturally frizz free hair without any chemicals what so ever and only a bit of heat from the straightening iron.

Lets begin
You will need to brush out your hair and collect your things for use. I used hair straightener, sessame seed oil and a brush.

This is my hair when I woke up this morning I look so thrilled with it eh?

Pour a little of the oil into your hands, I actually used way to much for my hair I'd suggest half that amount but if you go over board just use a bit of dry shampoo or I used baking powder as dry shampoo. Rub it into your hands and then along the lengths of your hair.

 heat up the hair straightener mine is the Vs very straight hair straightener which I adore using (do excuse my bathroom sink its a mess) You can make your hair as straight as you want but I prefer a more natural look and my hair has a mind of its own so this is what it does.
and there you go, the end results without using any chemicals. The oil has a natural uv heat protecting ability and sometimes I don't use a store bored heat protector just the oil. Does the same results and my hair doesn't look damaged at all.

What do you think? let me know if you use it and how it goes!

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