Saturday, May 3, 2014

April haul!

Hello all, on this dreary Sunday.

Yesterday I went to the shops because its my besties birthday on Tuesday and I had to get her a card and present. We are going out to dinner with her family. She sadly doesn't wear any make up products what so ever haha (sad for me not for her of course) anyway I picked up a few things for me as well whilst I was at it so lets commence the haul!

oh dear, more shampoo products alert!

Tresamme my new favorite in hair care products! I have been lusting after the new shamppoo and conditioner ever since I saw it about a month ago and yes I did break my no more shampoo and conditioner self imposed ban however its for a good cause aka my hair. I paid $5 each for these babies and then I saw the new hair treatment and had to get all 3. I paid $8 for the treatment as it was an introductory offer and as I had the same type of shampoo and conditioner in the red and white bottle I had to get it as well. I have used all three products already as I was that excited! I used the shampoo and conitioner last night and omg my hair feels so smooth and lux.
 I used the brand spanking new to shelves Treseme 7 day keratin smooth heat activated treatment this morning and it seriously makes my hair look like I've gone to the hair dressers! it looks like I've had a blow wave. I used my hair s straightener only and its light, non frizzy and shiny! it says to use a hair dryer to dry but I air dryed mine. You activate the treatment when you use the hair straightener as it smooths everything out.
 something non beauty related I think some of you know I love Phillippa Gregory's books and this is the last one in the series I am yet to read I think there were 8.
gah sorry bad photo but Target had the Chichi Social butterfly packs of eye shadow pallets and mobile ph covers on sale, I bought it for the eye shadow as I own an android. Anyways the eye shadow cost me $2.80 each! that's insane for chichi prices. They were retailing at $15 each! I got smokey and fashion.
and from Kmart I bought these adorable hipster cat socks for $1.50! I just love them (I collect cat related things lol)
What have you got lately?


  1. Lovely haul, I've been wanting to try out the moisture rich range by Tresemme for ages! x
    Outfit of the Day | Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. Are Tresemme new over there? They've been out here for ages! They're okay but I find them hard to wash out of my hair. They do last for so long though which is great, they are not that expensive when you realise how much you get and how much it lasts!

    Corinne x

  3. thanks Freya! and Corinne I think Tresemme are somewhat new to Australia for years we only had the one basic shampoo and conditioner and suddenly we have more to choose from plus products and treatments etc. I haven't found this one hard to wash out at all, I cannot stand shampoo's and conditioners leaving residue in my hair cause it makes me itch like something chronic lol and yup I love their prices and sizes I also have the heat protectant as well and love it

  4. thanks for following. i'm following back :)


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