Saturday, May 24, 2014

going cruelty free in make up

Hello all, I had a busy day today up at the animal shelter and was thinking that to make this post a beauty related post I'll post what was running through my head. Intrigued? keep reading! I'm pledging from now on to buy products that are ethical and do not test on animals. I was actually worried about making this rather limiting for me but I have since learned that products I know I already to buy don't test on animals so that makes me happy. However the ones that I do have and do test on animals I will NOT be re purchasing ever again.

This is Indy my 9 year old bunny, I would hate to think any of his extended family were getting injured in the name of  beauty. A frivolous and ever demanding industry for sure however I believe that I can be more ethical in what I purchase. I can't really be an animal activist if I'm purchasing products that are hurting animals!

So far products that I own that don't test on animals are (this is to my current knowledge)
Face of Australia
Original source
Cocoa's palmers (from what I gather they are cruelty free still researching though)
wet n wild
Physicans Formula
Lol (Kmart brand)
Designer Brands
Chi Chi
Rimmel London?

This list will grow bigger the more I find out about this :)
So wish me luck in this movement and tell me what companies you know that don't test on animals? I realize that this is all a rather personal thing for everyone and of course there is no judgement from me if you do or don't, heck I used to buy make up just for the sake of buying it!

This is going to also lead onto hair care and body care but so far I'm researching the make up side of things.

Also side note I'm only just starting to get into Season one of Game of Thrones! bit slow huh heehee

I'm trying to make smarter choices

wish me luck!


  1. Your bunny is so cute! The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands that joins the cruelty free :)


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