Sunday, May 11, 2014

make up look for today

Hello all finally the weather has cleared up and its lovely and sunny for us, so I thought I'd take the advantage and show off this eye shadow I've found in my stash and have started using.

it is the Loreal Color Minerals, mineral eye shadow in the shade 08 Golden Olive.
I've always been attracted to these colors... this is no exception as its really pretty not just in
the little container but on the eye as well.

 it looks unassuming really doesn't it in this little bottle? I don't really like the brush it comes with so I used my Essence eye shadow brush and that seems to be working rather well for me at present.
 I tried to show it in different light, this is how I'm wearing it to class today, and I think its a really versatile eye shadow. I do have other shades in this line and a blush that I'll start to use now I have found them in my make up stash! its like going shopping at home when you find things you had forgotten about.
 I really think you could dress up or down this eye shadow, it just looks really pretty and would suit a lot of skin tones I think.

I'd better head off to class
Happy Monday


  1. I like the subtle shimmer to it, it's a lovely colour!

    Corinne x

  2. Cool picture, you're so beautiful!
    I'd be happy to see you on my blog :)
    Good luck!

    I'm a new follower ;*
    Follow me if you like me blog.


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