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Max factor lasting performance foundation holy grail, review best ever foundation for covering redness

This review is about my latest and most favourite liquid foundation to date! I wont call it my holy grail foundation yet as its only been a week however its nearly there and that is big, from me. I purchased this from an opshop (charity shop) some times they get new make up products in. They had a bunch of foundations and I picked up two maxfactor ones and one revlon one, the revlon one was terrible but this one I am in love with and have been using it every. Single. Day.

It hides my blemishes, it hides my redness, it hides my imperfections and it doesn't rub off during the day because for some foundations and my skin it just slides right off. It also hasn't discoloured on my skin! which is a miracle unto itself because most foundations tends to go a different colour throughout the day on me which is so frustrating.

This foundation is
Max Factor
Long lasting performance and I am in the shade 106 natural beige. It's Max Factors number one foundation best seller, and its a full coverage foundation that doesn't look cakey and anything horrid on the skin. It is a mostly matte finish and lasts the full day without touching up.

 It comes in this neat little squeazy tube which I love because I freaking hate bottles without pumps... so much so I wont purchase foundations without a pump. This is so easy to use, and the packaging is sturdy and quite portable for its size.

I quite like the design of the packaging itself with the star on the front like that. I have also read a couple of rave reviews on this product and that is claimed to be a near dupe for the Cliniques ever lasting foundation so that is pretty cool as I don't buy high end products as its out of my price range. It's meant to also be a dupe for the benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation. Both of which I haven't tried but have read reviews on.

There is the little nozzle. It seriously has the perfect dispenser for this foundation because its so easy to get out and use. I also love using it this way because it is more hygienic.

 It is such a good colour match for me, I just love it. Its a combination of yellow and pink from what I can tell with the undertone so I think that is why it works so well for me.  The formula is slightly runny but also still thick enough that it covers and blends well without slipping off your face by the end of the day. To me it feels very creamy

This is what it looks like on the hand blended out, It blends out so smoothly and I can use a brush or my fingers and it doesn't apply streaky. Also it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and so far hasn't broken me out in acne.

Any Max Factor products you have been loving? I rate this product a 8.5 out of 10 
I paid $3 for it however I'm not sure how much it retails new in Australia as I'll have to look into that. 

Happy Sunday 


  1. This seems like a really nice foundation! *u* I'm tempted to try it out if I can find it somewhere~ :3 Thank you for this review<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. MaXFactor products are good! This one sounds nice as well~ ^^

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