Monday, May 26, 2014

MaxFactor xperience sheer gloss balm review

Hello lovelies today we went up to the farm and enjoyed some countryside which was lovely in the sunshine that we had. Today I'm showing you one of my favourite lipproducts as of late. Max Factor's Xperience sheer gloss balm in Red Garnet. I picked this one and the Purple orchid one up from Kmart ages ago for $3 on clearance.

 They claim that it will give you sheen and moisture in which lips will feel smooth and silky, enriched with mango and shea butter, and contains spf 10 for added protection against the sun.
 I feel this is a more adult version of the Maybelline Babylips. I rather like the pigmentation because you can wear it through the day and feel comfortable. It lasts a good few hours and doesn't feel stick and its a bit more pigmented then a tinted lipbalm
 it gives great hydration and my lips feel soothed and softened. For someone that suffers dry lips I appreciate anything that products have to offer to sooth lips!
have you tried these and if so what are your thoughts?


  1. I have tried these actually and my Mum used to like them a lot. I think there were her go to lipstick! I have to admit that Max Factor is a brand I overlook - I need to look at their stand more as I got an amazing primer included in my May 2014 UK Glossybox!

    Jaq @

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog and following! Followed you back :)

    I haven't tried these yet, a friend had kept telling me to try them.

  3. It looks like quite a moisturising formula and the colour is suitable for everyday wear. At $3 it's certainly a bargain find!


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