Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Empties

Hello all on this wet and cold Thursday evening, I wanted to do a quick post as I was clearing out my empties! so this is all about products I have actually used up. This is actually my first ever empties post. I have been loving these products too so I'm always sad when good products are empty! This shampoo has actually been very good, it was a cheap find at Sams Wharehouse for $3

 I had bought this cleanser and toner at Coles on special around Christmas and decided to finish it up, it is ok but I've got other products to use up now.

 Another Dove product, it was good but again I've got other items to use up. Again purchased from Coles on special.
 This one I can't make up my mind on, the first two days my hair looks great after using however I think since then I have trained my hair to not need shampooing as much. I usually use up conditioner first too haha.

This one I actually loved, the scent was amazing so its sad I can't actually find any more of this, Priceline has the brand but in other scents. I purchased from Sam's Wharehouse for $3. 

So these are going into my bins as empties, have you finished anything lately? good or bad? 



  1. I love the Garnier product! The smell is great! ^_-*

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  2. nice post, i love dove product<3 follow back?

  3. I'm currently use naked shampoo, it works okay for me but nothing great. Lucky that it work with you.

    Anyway I just had a chance to see your comment on my blog. When I first diagnosed in UK they thought that it's normal too. They actually asked me whether I want to keep it :/ but the doctor in Thailand actually thought it's urgent because if you do exercise too hard it might burst. If you have any question you about this you can ask me anytime :) xx

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