Friday, May 9, 2014

my animal kingdom part 2

Hello lovelies, this week I have been sick with a bad cold... but am on the mend thank goodness, took today off school (English class) and went to the docs. However I was thinking seeing as so many of you enjoyed meeting Silly the parrot; I thought I would introduce you to my other pet parrots.

I'm lucky to have a few!

This is Tara and she is our hand reared girl that we hand raised from 3 weeks of age as her parents rejected her from the nest. She has a neurological disorder where she can walk around like she is drunk but she is a very special little thing. I've named my youtube channel after her hence my username here being Tara (my name is actually Jess)

Tara is now 4 years old and for those of you who don't know she is a Cinnamon green cheek conure parrot.

 This is Jimmy and he is a green male Quaker parrot... he is approx 5 years old and we have had him for about 4 years as we adopted him from a shelter. He's a funny thing and is so bonded with me. He hates all male humans and will attack quite meanly too! he's so cute with me and my female friends though!
This is our latest Sara she's only a few months old and she is a rainbow lorikeet. We adopted her from the wildlife shelter we are doing out work placement at as she was too young to go with the adult lorikeets. She's a lovely girl and hyperactive as anything!

let me know if you'd like to meet my other furbabies or see my aviaries?



  1. So cute!! Just found your blog, would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    a beautiful maison

  2. Oh who cute♥
    Best wishes!


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