Friday, May 30, 2014

skin brightening skin firming and pore reducing mask diy at home dirt cheap!

Hello all today I have a diy skincare treatment that I think you will all love! I love using this weekly and I know it has truly helped my skin. It helps reduce acne, reduces pore size, reduces redness and retains moisture.

So I love doing natural at home, diy face masks that are dirt cheap and great for the skin! I have problem skin even as an adult. I suffer from break outs, uneven skintone, redness and hyperpigmentation as well as acne scarring and deep pores. I try and fix these naturally as possible and on a budget. This mask I'm doing is great and actually does work!

What you'll need
Bicarb soda, lemon, natural set yoghurt, and honey

Take one spoonful of honey, add it to two spoonful's of yoghurt, and cut up one lemon, squeeze in half the lemon juice of one side. Add baking soda, I use about one tsp and you will see it bubble and react with the liquid.

Note this isn't good for those with extremely sensitive skin as you will feel slight tingling/burning somewhat similar to a lip plumping lipgloss what it does when you apply it to the lips. So if you aren't used to that or don't like that then this isn't for you.

Gather supplies, bicarb soda, lemon, natural yoghurt and honey.
 I believe the lactose in the yoghurt helps firm up the skin, and the honey, bicarb and the lemon helps even out the skin, reduce pores and brightens skintone as well. My skin feels super soft and smooth after this!

 mix lemon, yoghurt and honey together, stir until combined
 add tsp of bicarb soda and watch it bubble, the bubbles will subside after a minute or so and no they don't continue bubbling on the face.

Apply with a brush as I find this easiest I used an old make up flat angled brush to apply to my face. Avoiding lips, and eye areas. Leave on for approx 15-20 minutes or until mostly dry then wash with luke warm water and a face cloth and finish with your normal skincare routine.

Bicarb soda is a well known acne fixing treatment and I believe the lemon acts as a great pore reducer and skin brightener. So lots of good stuff happens after this mask! I do this or a variation of another one involving cinnamon and tumeric will I'll show later this week approx twice a week or as needed as my skin is quite dry so I need extra moisture sometimes.

Let me know what you think!

Happy Friday 

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  1. Sounds great, will have to try it :)


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