Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Australis fresh and flawless pressed powder first impressions

Hello all! I'm doing a cross between a youtube made me buy it and first impressions on Australis fresh and flawless pressed powder. I bought natural as my shade and I do have to say so far I am quite impressed with it.

I've only been wearing it for a day so far so this is really my first impressions. It is full coverage and matte which is great for my oily, combination dry sensitive skin. I have an oily tzone and dry around my nose and cheeks.

I bought the shade natural. Pricline had a 30% off sale on Australis so I figured for $8 this was going home with me.

So far I'm impressed, its full coverage, really creamy and doesn't actually look like powder when applied to the skin as I think it looks more foundation like. I do think it might be a bit too yellow for me but I can work with it as I can't really work with pink undertone products. I'm not sure yet if its this product or not but I have broken out in some cystic acne on my nose which usually means I'm allergic to something. But I'm hoping it might be more my skin care not this as I want to keep using this. Has anyone else had problems with cystic acne and this powder? would love to know your thoughts.
 They have recently changed the packaging but since I never had the old packaging it doesn't really bother me though this one does look a little cheaper. However I don't buy the product for the packaging I buy it for the product.
 its in a compact and it has a sponge underneath I did use it but I didn't really like the feel of the sponge applicator. I have read that it is a dupe for the Mac powder foundation which is cool cause its $49 in Australia for the Mac version.
 its really smooth to apply and I use my essence blush brush to apply it.
 I am going to be buying a stippling brush as I read that it applies better as it has more dense bristles than a powder brush does. So soon I'll try applying it with that. But so far it really does apply well and it does blend out well. It covers all my redness and I do hope to keep using it when my acne clears up.
this is what it looks like on, I didn't put any foundation on under it so its a really good coverage

so over all a good first impression! possibly with a downside but will wait and see

what have you been using as powder?


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