Tuesday, June 10, 2014

being positive

Hi all I have a bit of a different post for you today, I read a blog that you can find here, theagoraphobicfashionista and she writes about having agrophobia. In this post she wanted us to write about what we feel positive about. Having bipolar myself I realize it can be difficult to find things to look forward to or feel positive about but here are my things that I am positive for!

My birds
 and not just my birds but my furbabies over all, they get me out of bed every single day and I get out of my head for awhile whilst looking after them.

my schooling I love going to school at the moment because even though I find it hard and a challenge at times I still go for the social aspect and getting to use my brain. Also the support there is amazing and it gets me out of the house. So when I'm feeling like I want to stay in bed I remember I have school to look forward to, try telling me I'd enjoy school when I was younger! lol

I also love working at the opshop, sometimes I work there two days a week because I'm at a loose end, I always have somewhere to go and its my happy space where I'm free to be me, and the manager and I are becoming great friends.

I'm also positive about my best friend, she helps a lot someone to talk to, cry with, and just get a hug from when needed.

I am also nearly forgetting my partner and his family

so if you are positive about things in your life then do please write about them! I'd love to know.

hugs Jess

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