Friday, June 13, 2014

bigger lips naturally at home!

Hello all today I thought I'd share with you my tips on getting healthy, pouty, lips the easy and quick way without any injections or knives involved.

 this is my before shot, yes I have pimple beard at the moment.
 You will need a gentle toothbrush, lip balm with peppermint oil in it and or a scrub pre made like the Australis one I have here. Rub peppermint lipbalm or scrub onto lips, gently scrub lips with toothbrush for a couple of minutes because this stimulates the blood flow to the lips, just be gentle it will tingle slightly afterwards.

 get a pinkish coloured lipliner, line the lip line area, and then fill in the lips with the lip liner itself.
 find a glossy lip gloss, that is shiny and apply the lip gloss, give it a little bit and apply again, two coats generally gives a fuller effect. I am using Essence lip gloss stay with me, long lasting lip gloss in pretty witty.
 use a shimmery eye shadow in white or a white highlighter and highlight the very middle bit of your lips and the cupid bow. I also highlight a little bit under the cupids bow on the lips.
 extreme pout (for me) lol

so I hope this has helped? do let me know! I use this when I'm going for nights out,or special occasions!
hugs Jess.


  1. The toothbrush is such a good exfoliator for the lips! Have you tried any of Lush's lip scrubs? They work really nicely too and smell delicious :)


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