Thursday, June 12, 2014

derm organics sensitive skin hand cream

Hi all today I am showing you this little handcream that I was given by my sister as a treat, she knows I love handcreams and skin care and I've been using it for the past week or so trying it out. I'm undecided if this actually works that well however I do love many pro's about it so here goes. 

It's Australian made, its organic and uses a lot of natural products. It's for sensitive skin and says it helps to maintain younger looking hands. You can also use it on feet, knees and elbows where they are known to get rough and dry especially for me in winter. Does not contain ses, sls, artificial fragrances, animal deriviatives, artificial colours, petro chemicals, petrolium bi products, harsh detergents, harmful chemicals, mineral oil, parabens or trefhonokamine (I think I spelled that last one wrong!)

its quite creamy and does melt into the skin rather well, its naturally fragranced with Patchouli and it is quite strong in scent. I wished we had smellablog!

it absorbs in very fast and does last a long time. It is certified organic and seems to be a nice enough product. I have never ever seen the brand before so I don't know anything about it other from personal use and what I read on the packaging. The packaging is a cute little tube and it seems quite sturdy so I doubt would make a mess in your handbag or travel bag.

have you been using hand cream of late? which ones?
hugs Jess

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