Sunday, June 15, 2014

face of Australia and Australis make up haul

Hello all on this very cold, dreary morning for us in Australia! yesterday I went shopping and bought a few things that I found on sale at Kmart and Coles supermarket.. Lets get onto the products today I am showing you the make up I purchased that was so freaking cheap I squealed. Literally I squealed. I might have failed on buying a product that doesn't support not animal testing. My brain did a gotta have you moment and it was in the shopping basket. And that was with the Maybelline matte mouse foundation I picked up for $4!

 I did however buy the rest of the stuff that doesn't test on animals, and that is the Australis intensifeye eye shadow for $3. Face of Australia products for $1 each!
 I am a little worried about the colour, but for the price I'll make it work!
 swatches of the very pigmented eye shadow, must get some more of these as they are pretty damn amazing.

 I also got Face of Australia liquid black eye liner, a black pencil liner, a gold pencil liner, a pink lip liner and a brown eye liner all for $1 each.
so for $12 I think I got a good deal!

what have you been hauling?


  1. Great haul!

  2. i love a haul! and australia! :)


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