Friday, June 27, 2014

favourite shower products for June

Hello all I thought I would take the time to do a June Favourites of the month and I thought I would show shower products that I have been loving to use! (sadly we don't have a bath in our bathroom!) I miss baths!
 We have four products here that I have been using daily for at least the last month, first up is the Nivea pure effect daily wash/scrub. I bought this at Coles for $6 when on sale and I just love it, it doesn't scrub all the natural oils however it does leave your face feeling soft and smooth without giving it that tight, over cleaned feeling. As you can see we are in a committed relationship so far! will I re purchase? heck yes (and its cruelty free)
 Next is the Palmers cocoa butter body wash! I am so lazy with moisturising my body and this stuff makes it so you don't even need to! I'm that serious and I love it. I paid $3.99 for it at Coles when on special. Will I re purchase? heck yes! (and its also a cruelty free brand)
 I bought this from the opshop I work at for $1.50 just to give it a whirl, it was brand new, still sealed so I wasn't worried. I love using it, its a rich formula and helps to leave my skin feeling youthful and smooth.
I purchased this from Chemist wharehouse for $3.99 and I love this stuff! its better than the St Ives scrub and leaves my skin feeling super clean and refined. Would I re purchase? (only until I find out if its a cruelty free brand)

So there you have my favourite bathroom products for June!


  1. I commented on this yesterday but it has not shown for some reason! I will look out for the Palmer's wash as anything to moisturise in then shower is good for me!

  2. that is so weird it didn't come through! thank you for checking back. Yes do try it, I find it better than the Nivea in shower moisturisier!


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