Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to get the most out of thrift shopping, charity shopping, op shopping! guest post

A new series in opshopping (charity shopping or thrift shopping) introducing my first guest post on my blog!
Louiebugooey tells us how to make the most of an opshop and how to find what you are looking for!

Hey there everyone!! My name is Louiebugooey and I blog over at Frockabilly freakout where I talk about vintage and rockabilly fashion, do reviews on make up and accessories, and generally just have a good time. Jessie has been nice enough to let me share my advice for getting the most out of your local op shop with you today. With these four things in mind I can promise that you’ll become an op shopping aficionado in no time.

1.     1. If you think you might like it, pick it up!

I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen something I wasn’t quite sure about and thought “I’ll keep looking and come back if I still want it” only to find that while I was looking about someone else had come in and snapped it up! If you’re not sure about an item, pick it up anyway; you can put it back if you don’t like it.

2.     2. Look at everything

 So you’re looking for a dress to wear to that special dinner, and you go straight to the dress section and look at all the dresses in your size. You can’t find anything so you give up and try a different shop. Little do you know that you missed that perfect dress that was marked with the wrong size and put away in the t-shirt section after someone was too lazy to put it back properly. Make sure you check everything in the shop, because people will be lazy when putting items back and sometimes things get labeled wrong.

3.     3. Be open-minded.

The thing with op shops is that they don’t have the fancy lighting and specialized coat hangers that traditional retail stores have, so the clothes may not look great on the rack. Try things on that you think don’t look too great, but could be okay, you might find that it fits perfectly and you fall in love!

4.     4. Check back regularly

Depending on how popular your local op shops are you’ll find they restock at the same time every week, fortnight or month. If you can figure out what day they restock you can get yourself into the habit of having a quick look through for new things on those days when you have time, or when you’re looking for something specific to go on restocking days to get yourself a bargain.

 With love,

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