Saturday, June 21, 2014

how to take a good selfie

Hello all! this weekend has been rather lovely weather so I took advantage of it! I'm going to be giving you my tips on how to take a decent selfie! I take my selfies with my camera but this also works on phones that have cameras. I'm no expert but I've worked out what works for me!

Ok so first off my first tip is good outside lighting! nothing worse than inside blurry crappy lighting that makes you look like a ghost. As you can see here the picture on the right of me looks much worse than the picture on the left! Natural lighting is great however remember where the sun is when outside you want the sun pointing at you not behind you. This is what gives me that glow like radiant look that makes my skin look great.
 action shots are fun to do however make sure you aren't getting a shot of your nostrils, people don't want to be looking at boogers.  However natural action shots make for better photos because you are not standing like a statue or fake posing. Another tip don't have the camera too close but not too far either. I normally just stretch my arm out a bit and it generally is the best distance for me.
Don't fake pose, whatever you do try and do something you do naturally because otherwise it will come off fake. Don't pout if you don't pout normally, don't do the cheesy grin if you don't do it comfortably.
Find your best angle! I take a lot of selfies just to gather my best angle I have found I look best from a slightly turned angle rather than front on. However if I take a shot front on I make it slightly lower than my face height as it elongates my round face.  Start by taking pics front on, and then slowly turning your face at different angles until you find your best angle that you agree with. 
This is proof of what bad lighting does to ou, even though I am wearing make up you can see all the imperfections and it doesn't do anything to show off my face.

Hope these tips have helped!


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