Friday, June 13, 2014

make up collection= foundations!

Hi all today I thought I'd show you some of m y foundation collection that I seem to have collected over time! these ones I use on a regular basis so that's why I'm showing you these and not all of them because I do think there are at least four others that I haven't pictured.
So lets begin shall we?
Foundations and I have a love hate relationship due to the fact a lot of them oxidize on me or it just doesn't stay put at all.

 Ok so we have organic wear powder foundation, covergirl olay simply ageless concealor, covergirl trublend liquid foundation, Australis fresh and flawless liquid foundation, Rimmel London stay matte foundation, covergirl outlast 3-1 foundation, Maybelline shine free cover stick and Max factor lasting performance foundation,
 This is the powder I had been using before I managed to get a hold of the Australis fresh and flawless powder foundation. This one is just as good coverage however it can look more cakey than the Australis but it lasts well throughout the day.
 I rather like this foundation for special occasions, it doesn't crease or slip away. I aslso like using the .Australis fresh and flawless one during the day
 You all know how I rave about this one! I just love it, and will be purchasing again for sure! its great full coverage, perfect colour for me, and lasts all day without breaking me out.
 When I do have acne trouble and I want a more flawless look this is my go to concealer even though its an eye one. I use it because its a thicker product and gives long lasting coverage. Also it doesn't cling to dry patches.
I love how natural this product looks on me! its a nice flawless finish and it seems to blend in, however this doesn't last too long, maybe 4-5 hours so if you are running errands or such not out for the whole day then this is for you.

The ones I haven't got pictured are the Maybelline stick foundation its great for those days where I'm in a rush, however it doesn't last without setting powder. It creases a little bit in fine lines however touch ups fixes that. It's a great shade for my skintone.
Covergirl 3-1 foundation I love using this, it stays on great and I love how you don't need added concealer at all.

There you go some of my fave foundations, and a couple of extras thrown in, what have you been loving?

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  1. Great picks!!


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