Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Organic hair treatment that works! for Australians

Hello all I have been very busy this week so far, I have had my eye brows waxed woohoo finally, and today I am to get an xray because my doctor things I've fractured my foot. Boo. For a few days now I had been in in a lot of pain and could hardly stand to walk so went to the docs and she's all yup think you fractured it. I'm all how? because I don't remember hurting it, because of one of my conditions I have (hypocalcemia) which means I have low calcium I am more prone to fractures.
Anyways I'm side tracking today I have a review of a hair product I purchased a couple of weeks ago from Chemist warehouse which I have fallen in love with! and its this

 Ultraorganics clear henna wax, its basically a super deep conditioning treatment that leaves hair feeling stronger and super conditioner. I paid $5 for it on special I saved $1 so even when not on special its very affordable. Its a large 500g tub and I find that it really makes my hair extremely soft and manageable with less hair fall out and frizz.

 This is the directions but I leave mine in overnight and then wash out the next morning and my hair feels and looks glorious.
 This is the ingredients so its all natural and they don't test on animals and best thing its something made in Australia so finally a hair care product thats easily obtainable for us Aussies that works! I might have to go on a limb here and say its probably the closest product I've used to the Hollywood castor oil treatment. Minus the extreme cost and postage.
 even though it says clear henna wax the product is brown however it doesn't colour hair what so ever. It is slightly fragrant though not over powering so, certainly less than the usual conditioner scent. So if you are scent sensitive this is for you.
It's a super thick product that I was surprised that it actually absorbs into the hair! it just doesn't sit on the hair like other masks have in the past that I have used. I felt and saw the difference this product makes on my hair. I am in love!

I rate this 5/5! I've never given top scores before on a product

what hair products have you tried?

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