Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Palmers cocoa butter formula Dark chocolate and cherry lip butter affordable lip treatment and care

Hi all I got home late from the hospital after visiting my uncle in I.C.U. Hospitals are such dreary places. But nonetheless I thought I would do a little review for you about one of my favourite brands. 

I have been using this one for awhile now and I've been loving it, its so hydrating and just really helps to get your dry lips feeling better and soothed, What is this product? Palmers Cocoa butter formula dark chocolate, and cherry lip butter!
  It smells so nice! not super sickly sweet like some chocolate scented products and you can smell the cherry too so it makes for a different scent, it goes away after you have applied i but smells heavenly in the tube! one of the pros is that Palmers is cruelty free! and such an affordable brand its becoming one of my bathroom staples. 
 I love it, I can't remember when I bought it, from Kmart maybe, anyways would have been under $5 at the time. I really love using this product, my lips have been super dry at the moment. These keep the lips super hydrated over night too because if I don't apply something overnight my lips get chapped very badly. Especially in this cold weather we are experiencing in Australia right now. It lasts a good while too and doesn't feel sticky like a gloss even though it does look kind of glossy when applied.

I think for the price (I think it was under $5) its a very good quality lipbalm and because its a butter formula it does work for dry, sore lips. I also like it because once you start using it, it doesn't feel like the ones where you have to keep using it for it to continue to work. It really does last a good while, it absorbs and seems to make the lips feel nice and soothed.


  1. great post
    this sounds good, I will have to try it
    Rachel XX


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