Thursday, June 19, 2014

Product Sportlight= Dirty works good clean fun products

Hello all, I have a product spotlight here for you today, I love Dirty works products and wish we had more available in Australia I first tried the Coconut scrub, and now have tried all the others available at Coles Supermarket. They are a really affordable drugstore product even when not on special but I wait until they are on special and get the big tub for $8.00. And best of all they are indeed a cruelty free affordable brand! woohoo.

 I have been using the That Fiji feeling coconut body butter, You glow girl buttery salt scrub and the buff your stuff body scrub. The buff your stuff one is empty I have used it and loved it that much. The body butter isn't as thick as what I was expecting but nor is it runny. It smells heavenly, not overpoweringly but just like coconuts. However my partner doesn't like the smell! phooey to him.
 However this is my ultimate favourite scrub! the Salt scrub works! it smells slightly salty, and its so heavenly to use. I feel so smooth and soft afterwards and even use it as a treatment for my feet. I find my feet haven't been this soft before and I'm really particular about foot products due to my health issues. As you can see its really grainy but if you have sensitive skin it might not be for you as I have rubbed maybe a bit hard and had some scratches from it however if you are gentle then it should be fine.
 I think the packaging is really cute with its retro chic pinup girls on it and the tubs and tubes are bright and fun in the bathroom. I sadly don't have a bath but these products make having a shower just that little more special for me.

 This is the body butter, it absorbs well and does seem to help soften the skin quite well without feeling too heavy.
Have you used these products before?
Hugs Jess

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  1. Love the packaging x


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