Sunday, June 29, 2014

Savvy long wearing lip stick in shade plum

This my lovelies is my latest lipstick purchase that I have been wearing ever since I got it in my hot little hand! it's the savvy db long wearing moisturising lip stick in the shade plum. I purchased it last Friday at Priceline for the regular retail price of $4.99 and its rather a sweet little lip stick that you can pretty much where anywhere and to most occasions! its understated yet still gives you a nice little something.
 The packaging is nice and sturdy and the bullet seems to be well made in general, certainly not cheaply like the product will fall out of it as soon as you open it. I think the packaging is nice and sleek and I like the fact you can see the colour at the end of the tube so you know exactly what you are getting.
 It's a lovely cool toned plum colour, sadly though when you take off the wrapping the name of it goes as well but it is only called Plum. I do prefer cool toned shades rather than warmer toned shades as I think they look best on me. I've worn it over the weekend and it lasts a good 3 hours without eating or drinking, it does not fade into a horrible lined lip look that some lip sticks can do.

here is the swatch, its quite opaque and pigmented which I like and its so smooth on the lips, it doesn't tug at all and feels a lot more like a lip balm rather than a lip stick. I'll certainly be trying more shades from Savvy Db in future!

what shades have you got from Savvy db?

Hugs Jess

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