Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tara the disabled green cheek conure more animal kingdom

I thought I'd do another my animal kingdom post and introduce you properly to Tara! she's a green cheek conure whom my partner and I hand raised at 3 weeks of age because she was rejected from the nest by her parents.
 she is now 4 this year, conures make cuddly pet birds, and smart too! Tara cannot fly and has never flown, she has a disability that involves her walking around like she is drunk due to a brain disorder from when she was developing in the egg. But she doesn't let it stop her! she still tells me who's boss. Funny thing before my parter I used to be scared of birds, now I look after birds, take in unwanted birds and raise birds as my passion.
 Tara is a snuggly darling, her favourite food is carrot (you cans till see some on her beak) she loves to snuggle up against my neck. She doesn't like cold weather as that affects her balance more and in Winter I really have to look after her.
 If  you would like to meet more of my birds or know more of Tara do let me know!
Tara is unique because of her friendliness, she loves my brother in law, seemingly more than me some days haha probably because he doesn't live here so she gets excited when he is. Her favourite things are snuggles and hanging out on her stand. As well as attacking her toys in her bedroom (cage).

So that's it from Tara and me tonight :)
hugs Jess

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