Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thrift haul! shopping, and being naked!

So I've been doing some thrift shopping as of late and this is my latest get up that I've been wearing to bed! Yes I slept in it last night and woke up in it this morning and this is how I still look now at 1pm haha its a public holiday for us today in Australia so I'm having a chill out day at home (mind you I did just clean up cat poop so its not all lazy)

and no I'm not really naked as you can see I am wearing clothes however I'm not wearing any make up at all and I haven't done my hair. I am actually really pleased with my skin at the moment apart from a couple of break outs on my chin its not doing too shabby. 

 no make up day woohoo
 jammy day even more woohoo, and I paid 50cents for this tshirt which came from Target originally and its a superb corally colour that I'm just loving and I love the fit of this top as well, its not a jammy top but I just like wearing things mixed up like that.
 random butt shot? lol these are my jammy bottoms that I adore! they are so flipping comfy and easy to wear and a cute teal colour with patterning, I picked up these pants for $1 and they are from Millers.
 weird posy shot.
excuse the sneakers lol I don't go outside in slippers heehee
and Minnie is happy now her cat run is all cleaned up :) Isn't she pretty? she is 17 years old.

What have you thrifted lately?


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