Monday, June 16, 2014

what's on my face Tuesday #2


Hello all! today I'm doing another what's on my face Tuesday because again I'm at the opshop! I'll also be taking some fun photos today whilst there of outfits and how to upstyle thrifted outfits which will be fun with my friend Shel. Anyways onto the products! I am wearing Nyx natural pallet on the eyes, face of Australia liquid eye liner on the top lid (I suck with liquid liner but this one is really good because of the fine tip brush) Maybelline matte dream mousse foundation in sandy beige I thought it would be too brown for me but it actually gives me a nice warmth to the skin. W7 Pretty eyes mascara for a full fake eye lash look (which doesn't really work on me but I like the mascara, Maybelline whispers lipstick in petal rebel, and elf gel eyeliner, I'm also wearing Australis fresh and flawless powder foundation.

 excuse my hair I literally just got out of the shower! lol If you'd like to see my brush collection let me know!
I adore the elf gel eye liner! its the only one I trust to stay put all day without smuding, smearing or anything because I tightline both waterlines with it and my eyes are very watery.

do excuse the mess of my eyebrows I'm getting them waxed today! lol I had to grow them out for approx 6 weeks as thats how long it usually takes me.

I really love the nyx eye shadow! its super easy to blend and makes out I put a bit of effort into it when it takes me a couple of minutes how I do it :)

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. You look great :)

  2. glad you liked the NYX. i haven't tried that palette!


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