Monday, June 30, 2014

what's on my face Tuesday

Hello all today I am doing a what's on my face Monday however its a Tuesday as yesterday I didn't go anywhere and I wasn't wearing any make up (I'm on school holidays!) anyways today I think I'm finally getting better at the winged eye liner look! I used the Maybelline Master precise felt eye liner pen and I forgot to get it to put in my picture but I did use it!

 Today I am wearing Australis eye shadow, Max factor eye shadow, Maybelline Colour tattoo eye shadow, Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, Australis hd concealer, Australis fresh and flawless foundation powder, max factor lip balm.  W7 pretty eyes mascara.

 For once I think I did an ok job of the eye liner! I usually am pretty terrible at it! lol

I think this is a pretty nice every day kind of look if you are going out shopping etc, I might not do this eye liner ever day though. I'm at the opshop today working so hence why I wanted to look nice.

What have you been using?
hugs Jess


  1. i'm obsessed with maybelline color tattoo!!
    I use them most the time when I'm doing eye makeup.
    Favourite colours are bad to the bronze, tough as taupe, barely branded and Inked in Pink

  2. This is such a pretty, shimmery, glowy look! It's been YEARS since I've worn any eyeshadow (why?! I don't know!), but after seeing how lovely your lids look, I'm definitely tempted to stop being so lazy and start experimenting again!


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