Monday, July 28, 2014

Profusion bb lip balm grape

Hello all on this faboulous sunny day today! I bought this product a week or so ago and I gotta say I am in love! its better than the Maybelline baby lips. I picked up the profusion bblip balm in grape for $1 from the Reject Shop
 oh my goodness the colour of this is amazing and can be worn sheer or a little darker after a few swipes applying it. It is non addictive and the moisture retaining properties in this balm is so amazing. It's cruelty free too!
 The gloss wears off about 2 hours after applying however the colour gently stains the lips and the moisture remaining feels so good.
 I just love this shade so much, when I go back I am certainly getting more of these!

typical packaging just a tube but its nice enough... I love the purple writing on the green background though
so over all loving using this! it reminds me a lot of the Nivea lip butter but in lip balm formula and with colour.

What have you been wearing?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July favourites make up and brushes

Hello al! today I thought I'd share with you soeme of my July Favourites that I have been using very often as of late.  They are the Elf professional bronzing brush, the Essence blush brush but I use it as blush, powder and foundation brush because its so dense and soft

 The Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation in Sandy Beige, I worried it would be too dark for me but its actually not. The Maybelline roll on Dark circles eraser and I use this as my every day concealer because it just works so damn well.

 Close up on the brushes that I lurve!
 Close up of these two!
now these two I just love, the mascara is the Maybelline big eye mascara and omg its seriously the only one in my collection that gives me the wow factor in eye lashes. It's a true pity this brand isn't cruelty free buuuuut we will see if I re purchase it or not. The Revlon swede effect lipstick in Fatale. It's a dreamy and creamy product to use and I adore the colour

These are my favourites for July what are yours?
hugs Jess

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's on my face Friday edition Savvy by db and more

Hello lovelies on this dreary Friday Melbourne morning! before class I got myself ready as I normally do and thought I would share with you, my face of the day Friday edition! I tend to wear my make up when I am going out such as shopping with the bestie, class, and of course special occasions. My make up isn't anything wow but I believe it makes me feel more confident in myself and I feel better making an effort. Here is what I wore today.

This is what I wore, Savvy by db blush stick in glamourama, I also used it on my lips. Savvy by db concealer as my foundation as its a great thick product. Maybelline Big eyes eye liner, Maybelline Big eyes mascara, Chichi eye shadow pallet, Australis fresh and flawless foundation. So six great drugstore brands.

 I cropped the eye shadow like this because the brown shade I used and the highlight shade I used. I used the highlight shade first on my eye lid then added the brown into my crease and on my eye lid as well. This is my favourite powder too. One thing about the eye shadow is that it gets very messy in the pan and has a bit of fall out.

 I just love this blush stick! its rather like the Elf all over sticks and I used it on my lips and cheeks today for a pop of colour. I am also obsessed with this mascara at the moment. I like the white end more of the eye liner rather than the black.
You can see how good the concealer covers! its a really effortless look.
Happy Friday
what make up are you loving?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Priceline make up haul! first impressions and swatches

Hi all on this super cold day for us in Australia today! how are you? I do hope you are well! today whilst working at the opshop/charity shop I went to Priceline and did a bit of hauling! lol here are the products I bought. I didn't actually go in to buy much at all but they had a stand that was all priced at $1 and I bought an Australis nail polish, two models prefer eye shadow pencils, Savvy by db stick blush. I also decided to get the Maybelline big eyes double ended eye liner (I must admit I have slipped a little on the cruelty free items but not too badly) and I bought 3 pocket rock it packs including the blush set, lip gloss crayons and the concealer and powder set.

 So these 8 items are Maybelline big eyed eye liner, Models prefer eye shadow pencils in icon and mystique, savvy by db blush stick in petite pink, lip crayons in obsession and I don't know why but the baby pink one is nameless? weird. Concealer and powder duo in light  Pocket Rock it due blush set in glamorurama.
 The savvy by db blush stick in petite pink is a superb coral colour I just adore it and am so glad I got it, its on my wrist above the green models prefer eye shadow stick swatch and I've never used models prefer before but these are so creamy! then I have the lip balm glosses by savvy db in obsession and they are surprisingly pigmented and very balmy on the lips. Then the swatches included the blue eye shadow stick and the blush duo both very pigmented.
 concealer and powder swatches, surprisingly these are great colours for me, both yellow in undertone and the liquid concealer quite thick!
 lip crayon lip swatches
have you tried any of these yet?

Friday, July 18, 2014

notd Ulta3 Hollywood!

Hello all today I am doing a nail of the day post and I am sporting the lovely Ulta3 brand in the shade Hollywood! its such a great blue colour, I think its really original from blues I have worn in the past and seen on line. It's really easy to apply, doesn't bubble and only takes two coats and it also dries super quickly! the wear time is pretty good too. Approx 3 days before chipping. I paid $2 for this nail polish and it performs better than some of my more expensive brands.

 I know blue in make up and nails are right on trend at the moment! so I couldn't wait to share this shade. I do have two other blues in my collection but not quite like this one. I don't understand how some companies name their shades though because wouldn't you have thought Hollywood would have been a red shade?
 It's vibrant but not in your face and I just adore it! I think it would look fab going out with the girls or clubbing! today however I am wearing it out to lunch.
Happy Saturday
what nail colours are you wearing?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maybelline Satin collection lipstick Velvety wine and Delicate pink

Hi all today I have a review for you on two lipstick purchases I made awhile ago, I had these and forgot about them for awhile but I do love these. Maybelline Satin collection lipsticks in Velvety wine, and delicate pink.

Velvety wine is on the left, and deep pink is on the right and I picked up both of these for $5 each when Kmart was clearing out a heck load of make up.

These two are both so lovely to wear in a not so over powering way but still gives a little something to your face. The pink is a lovely nude with a bit of colour and the velvety wine is just lovely.
  The collection of lipsticks I believe is being discontinued which is a shame now I've stumbled across these lovely shades which are very wearable. It's the maybeline satin collection and it feels light weight, almost like you are wearing a chapstick but with a boost of color.
 they look great in their bullet and I do find the quality to be very good and quite long lasting.
They are quite pigmented and can be buildable!

which lipsticks have you been wearing?
Happy Thursday

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

green and gold summer inspired make up

Hi all again! lol another post cause I did my make up today and I was rather happy with the results! I used Chichi eye shadow pallet, Australis fresh and flawless liquid foundation, Australis fresh and flawless foundation powder, Elf gel eye liner, Covergirl lashperfection mascara (which I love) and Savvy by db lipstick in Modern romance with the Essence Dark romance mousse blush on top. I also used the Rimmel London eye brow pencil in Ash.

 I used green and gold on my lids, I did use the Elf eye shadow primer, I think for $3 it works really really well.
 I know its more a summer inspired eye shadow combination however we are in Winter and I think the dark lip looks good with it.
 I really love the green and gold together, works so well!
And this lipstick combination I adore as well as I'm really into berry and plum coloured lipsticks, I'm also getting into darker shade reds or plum coloured blushes too as I think they are super pretty. I also used the Essence Dark Romance mousse blush as a blush today as well.

Happy Wednesday

Savvy by db pocket rock it packs lip loss

I got the new pack by Savvy db yesterday containing a lipstick and a lip gloss, yesterday I showed the lipstick and today I am showing the lip gloss.\

 its a cute little tube packaging

 it is sheer coverage but is so nice to wear, they say to pair it up with the lip stick.
I'm loving these shades and cannot wait to get more!

hugs Jess

Savvy by db new pocket rocket kits, lipstick swatch

Hello all today I went to Pricveline in my break to fill out a script and I saw that Priceline had a new collection from Savvy by Db. I have bought a couple of lipsticks from them lately and I love them so when I saw the Pocket Rocket kits for $5 I thought gotta have me some of them! The pocket rocket kits contain loose pigment eye shadows x2 in different colours, eyeshadow and liquid eye liner, lip gloss and lipstick, lip crayons x2, blush powder and blush stick, nailpolishes x2,  powder and concealer! I'll be stocking up on some of these in the near future I am sure these are going to be popular.

 The shade I got is Modern romance and its a lovely creamy lipstick, very pigmented and it does come with a matching lip gloss which I haven't shown yet. I do like the packaging, very sleek and sturdy. The lip stick is very long lasting, certainly over the couple of hours mark. Doesn't dry out the lips at all, I'll be getting more shades.
 I just loved this shade!

have you seen these kits yet?
hugs Jess

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Easy vintage make up for the no skilled

Hi all today I was looking around for rockabilly inspired chic make up and thought I'd come up with a look that anyone could wear! I only used four products and these were what I come up with.  It's such a quick an easy look to create so if you are feeling inspired and want to change up your everyday make up look then give this a go! no fancy eye liner but you can do a winged eye liner if you want! this is more for my every day wear as I plan on wearing it to class tomorrow.

Covergirl flamed out mascara! I used 3 coats of this, Covergirl intense shadowblast eye shadow in 800 beige blaze, Rimmel London lipstick in temptation, Australis fresh and flawless foundation powder.

I'm having fun playing with my new iphone so these were taken with that! would you guys like to see the finished look tomorrow in proper daylight?

Happy Sunday

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday shopping haul Essence Dark Romance swatches

Hello all today I went shopping with my bestie and I bought 3 makeup products and they are Essence limited edition Dark romance Velvet mousse blush in 02 red romance. I just had to have this shade, I'm rather in love with plum shades of anything at the moment. And this shade is perfect for my fair complexion and its such an odd sponge texture but so so pigmented.

 A cute little glass pot.
 This is how pigmented it comes out without being blended in at all
 This is how it looks blended in, I just so love the shade!

 This is what it looks like in the pot! now I'm worried how it will dry out over time being a mousse product but we will see!
 I bought the limited edition dark romance eye liner in shade 01 black shadow and so far this looks like a great liner. It's very pigmented when swatched.
 There is glitter in it but its not too obvious so I think it will look pretty.
 Last but by no means least the originaly savvy db long lasting matte lipstick in the shade Bali that I have been waning for weeks now! I adore plum shades as I said and this one is amazing.
 I just adore it!
see how pigmented it is? they are so creamy too!

Also in other news I got a new phone today! I got myself the apple iphone 5c model so I'm rather happy! 
hugs happy Friday 

Silver Taupe eyes on What's on my face Thursday edition

Hi all on this dreary wet night in Melbourne tonight! I thought I'd share with you my motd today because I did an extra shift at the opshop today as I'm still on school holidays woohoo but boo that its ending soon. However my bestie and I are going shopping tomorrow so that will be fun.

 This look was actually somewhat inspired by a youtuber that I watched this morning! I think it turned out really well even though I didn't use the lorac eye shadow pallet I used what I had. link to video inspiration I of course added eye liner as I don't do make up without some kind of liner haha.
 I am even wearing blush and I always forget to wear blush! I'm wearing Essence blush in baby doll. I love this shade.
 For the actual make up I am wearing Elf eye liner in black, w7 pretty eyes mascara, Australis hidefinition eye brightening eye shadow, Maybelline Quad in Chai latte,  Covergirl intense shadow blast platinum pop 805 (I used this mainly as the base and just on my top lash line, Australis fresh and flawless liquid foundation, Australis fresh and flawless powder foundation and Essence baby doll blush.

I think I re created this look rather well, let me know what you think!

Hugs Happy Thursday

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