Saturday, July 26, 2014

July favourites make up and brushes

Hello al! today I thought I'd share with you soeme of my July Favourites that I have been using very often as of late.  They are the Elf professional bronzing brush, the Essence blush brush but I use it as blush, powder and foundation brush because its so dense and soft

 The Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation in Sandy Beige, I worried it would be too dark for me but its actually not. The Maybelline roll on Dark circles eraser and I use this as my every day concealer because it just works so damn well.

 Close up on the brushes that I lurve!
 Close up of these two!
now these two I just love, the mascara is the Maybelline big eye mascara and omg its seriously the only one in my collection that gives me the wow factor in eye lashes. It's a true pity this brand isn't cruelty free buuuuut we will see if I re purchase it or not. The Revlon swede effect lipstick in Fatale. It's a dreamy and creamy product to use and I adore the colour

These are my favourites for July what are yours?
hugs Jess

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