Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maybelline Satin collection lipstick Velvety wine and Delicate pink

Hi all today I have a review for you on two lipstick purchases I made awhile ago, I had these and forgot about them for awhile but I do love these. Maybelline Satin collection lipsticks in Velvety wine, and delicate pink.

Velvety wine is on the left, and deep pink is on the right and I picked up both of these for $5 each when Kmart was clearing out a heck load of make up.

These two are both so lovely to wear in a not so over powering way but still gives a little something to your face. The pink is a lovely nude with a bit of colour and the velvety wine is just lovely.
  The collection of lipsticks I believe is being discontinued which is a shame now I've stumbled across these lovely shades which are very wearable. It's the maybeline satin collection and it feels light weight, almost like you are wearing a chapstick but with a boost of color.
 they look great in their bullet and I do find the quality to be very good and quite long lasting.
They are quite pigmented and can be buildable!

which lipsticks have you been wearing?
Happy Thursday

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