Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Priceline make up haul! first impressions and swatches

Hi all on this super cold day for us in Australia today! how are you? I do hope you are well! today whilst working at the opshop/charity shop I went to Priceline and did a bit of hauling! lol here are the products I bought. I didn't actually go in to buy much at all but they had a stand that was all priced at $1 and I bought an Australis nail polish, two models prefer eye shadow pencils, Savvy by db stick blush. I also decided to get the Maybelline big eyes double ended eye liner (I must admit I have slipped a little on the cruelty free items but not too badly) and I bought 3 pocket rock it packs including the blush set, lip gloss crayons and the concealer and powder set.

 So these 8 items are Maybelline big eyed eye liner, Models prefer eye shadow pencils in icon and mystique, savvy by db blush stick in petite pink, lip crayons in obsession and I don't know why but the baby pink one is nameless? weird. Concealer and powder duo in light  Pocket Rock it due blush set in glamorurama.
 The savvy by db blush stick in petite pink is a superb coral colour I just adore it and am so glad I got it, its on my wrist above the green models prefer eye shadow stick swatch and I've never used models prefer before but these are so creamy! then I have the lip balm glosses by savvy db in obsession and they are surprisingly pigmented and very balmy on the lips. Then the swatches included the blue eye shadow stick and the blush duo both very pigmented.
 concealer and powder swatches, surprisingly these are great colours for me, both yellow in undertone and the liquid concealer quite thick!
 lip crayon lip swatches
have you tried any of these yet?

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