Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thrift haul ootd what I'm wearing

Hello all! today I'm on school holidays and it has been reasonably nice weather today so I did myself up a little as I had to run errands etc so this is my outfit of the day post for Monday!

 The top I got from the Salvo's charity shop a year or so ago and I adore the print and the way it hangs on me, not fussed with the actual material though as I think its nylon or synthetic. But for $3 its well worth it as I get a lot of wear out of it.
 It's very comfy and can be worn casually like today or in a more dressed up sense as well as I have worn it out a few times to dinner etc.
 Black long sleeved cardigan I bought from a small opshop near my school and I only paid $2 for it, originally from Katies. It fits well and I love light stretchy knits like this to layer up in.
 I bought these black jeans from the opshop near my school as well and I only paid $1! for them, they are so comfy and I love wearing black jeans. I've been living in these ever since as well as my boots! which I got from my opshop that I work at and I only paid $2 for them as I get staff discount! woohoo.So for an outfit that costs less than $10 that's surely a good deal right? do you go charity shopping?

hugs Happy Monday

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