Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's on my face Friday edition Savvy by db and more

Hello lovelies on this dreary Friday Melbourne morning! before class I got myself ready as I normally do and thought I would share with you, my face of the day Friday edition! I tend to wear my make up when I am going out such as shopping with the bestie, class, and of course special occasions. My make up isn't anything wow but I believe it makes me feel more confident in myself and I feel better making an effort. Here is what I wore today.

This is what I wore, Savvy by db blush stick in glamourama, I also used it on my lips. Savvy by db concealer as my foundation as its a great thick product. Maybelline Big eyes eye liner, Maybelline Big eyes mascara, Chichi eye shadow pallet, Australis fresh and flawless foundation. So six great drugstore brands.

 I cropped the eye shadow like this because the brown shade I used and the highlight shade I used. I used the highlight shade first on my eye lid then added the brown into my crease and on my eye lid as well. This is my favourite powder too. One thing about the eye shadow is that it gets very messy in the pan and has a bit of fall out.

 I just love this blush stick! its rather like the Elf all over sticks and I used it on my lips and cheeks today for a pop of colour. I am also obsessed with this mascara at the moment. I like the white end more of the eye liner rather than the black.
You can see how good the concealer covers! its a really effortless look.
Happy Friday
what make up are you loving?

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