Sunday, August 31, 2014

Depression, whats on my face and a sniow globe

Hi guys I know I have been mia for a while however I haven't been feeling that great again, but I am bouncing back to my normal self. I am going to class today and did my make up and a first for me I curled my hair!!!

I hate those days where my moods just suck any motivation, I was using this weekend to catch up on laundry and housework and our car is in the garage because it has a busted radiator, I think we are getting it back today though.

I find it hard when I am like this, school is a struggle but if I start looking after myself again like I usually do, it generally helps.
 I only curled my bangs/fringe and I used a no heat method of pin curling when it was 90% wet. I think it turned out ok for the first go. I used my garnier mousse.
 on my face I am wearing Essence pallet ready to board limited edition, elf eye liner, essence mega lash mascara. I am wearing Australis hd tinted moisturiser and profusion bb lip balm.

 my brows will always need work lol
I purchased this snow globe from Typo the other day for $5 because my partner and I both love rabbits and foxes. He collects fox things and I collect rabbit things (and cat things lol) I just thought it was so cute!

what make up are you wearing?
hugs Jess

Sunday, August 24, 2014

am I a camel whisperer?

hi guys so my partner and I are studying animal studies together, next year I hope to study zoology or vet nursing. But today I am showing you two of the most loveliest creatures I have ever worked with! probably the most exotic to date too and they are camels!!!

at our current work placement they have two camels, Michelle and Bruce are their names, the oldest one is 8 and the younger one is 6.

 I think this one is Michelle that we have pictured! lol they are such intelligent and gentle creatures. Lovely to work with.
 We will be showing you more of these guys for sure!

 their fur is actually really sof. And they have the longest eye lashes!
so that is something I love at our current work placement which is a childrens farm


Saturday, August 23, 2014

ulta3 primer! new australian product

Hi lovelies well for the past week I have been using ulta3 primer, its something new that's recently been launched in Australia and its one of my favourite primers ever! it cost me $8.95 and you get 30ml in the bottle.

I think its a wonderful product! it glides on smoothly, fills in my pores, and makes my skin oh so soft and smooth. It has argan oil in it. It goes on like a moisturisiser however it goes into the skin clear. It's a thick product and its just lovely and easy to use.

 I think the packaging is stylish and is really lovely, it has a pump which I love to use in these kind of products. The bottle is glass and the top is plastic It feels heavy duty enough that it wont break too easily.
 my skin is oily/dry more on the dry at the moment however this makes my foundation stay literally all day long. Without creasing, caking or seperating. The product is paraben free and is suitable for all skin types which is great.
 best of all it doesn't clog my pores or give me breakouts! I am rather sensitive to products like these and so far it hasn't happened.
over all I am really impressed with this primer, I have used those like Nyx photo ready Primer I think ir was, maybelline dream primer, and Rimmel London fix and perfect primer and this one is my favourite. I really like how it hides my large pores near my nose especially and I love how it stops creasing under the lower eye lid.

What primers have you tried lately? have you tried this one?

very cost effective
lasts all day
good for all skin types
doesn't contain parabens
not available everywhere

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's on my face!

Hi lovelies this week has been busy with work placement meetings, revision and exams. Phew cannot wait for the weekend.

I wore this make up look on Tuesday afternoon at the opshop
 a light goldish colour on the lids, I used chichi rich gems pallet, I love it, so easy to use and very pretty as well!
 Elf gel eye liner, Australis full on coverage foundation stick in Ivory, and Elf mascara.

and lastly a quick baby guinea pig update nearly two weeks old!
Tomorrow I have a workplacement meeting and an exam in the afternoon.

hugs Jess

Saturday, August 16, 2014

gothishl make up ice queen blue eye shadow Daring to ware

Hello all today I was bored and had some time up my sleeves and wanted to try some different looks regarding eye shadow, I normally stick to browns and plainer colours as I do think they look best on me however I wanted to try blue. I was a bit scared of using blue because of the whole 80's flashback but I think it turned out ok for a first try. I wouldn't wear it out yet but its not scary.

 These are the products I used, Essence reload duo limited edition, cover girl flamed out mascara, models prefer eye shadow pencil, essence kajal eye liner in black, Savvy by db concealer and Australis fresh and flawless foundation and foundation powder. Oh and Chichi pallet the middle blue colour.
 I love how my skin looks in these photos. Let me know what you think on the eyes?
 I am wearing rimmel london lipstick in Lychee.

What have you been daring to wear?

Hugs Jess

Friday, August 15, 2014

a really great full coverage drugstore affordable foundation and blush Australis

Hi guys and thank you so much for your support after yesterdays post. I am getting better and am already feeling more motivated. So today I am showing you my latest two products that I bought last week when shopping with the bestie.

They are both from Australis and I recently saw this foundation stick by Australis and as it said heavy foundation I thought ooh gotta have me some of that, because for a drugstore brand to bring out a heavy full coverage foundation is pretty cool. I don't know of others in the low end of price that have done this? anyways this cost me $12.95 at priceline and I think its a really good price. I would buy it again at full price because its so affordable.
 I also bought the neo crush blush because they were chucking it out at $2 and I thought why not. The blush has a highlighter/bronzing effect that kind of matches the blush. Not sure how else to explain it but I thought for 2 bucks I would have it haha I am not even a blush girl because I have naturally rosy cheeks.
I just thought it was too darn pretty to pass up! and I am so glad I got it as I have been wearing it ever since and have got great compliments when wearing it.
 I actually really like the packaging on this foundation stick. It has spf 30 which I think is great. I got the shade ivory and I am glad I did because its not a very light ivory and I think the other colours would have been too dark on me. There are six shades I believe.
 Its actually a very creamy formula to apply. Really great coverage and a little goes a long way. It creates a lovely airbrushed dewy appearance on my skin. My skin is combination oily/dry. It lasts a fair amount of time, easily 9 hours.
 look how pretty this blush is! the shade is love you like a sister lol Australis where did you come up with that? I think its a limited range and they are phasing it out but its a large size.

I love the imprint of the shade, the left side has some sparkle but the right side is matte and it is really easily blendable.

What have you been wearing by Australis? tried these products at all?
I reckon I have found one of the best drugstore foundations out there. Best of all Australis is cruelty free and affordable, good quality stuff.

hugs happy Saturday

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Depression sucks

Hi guys I just wanted to do a post and say I am still here. I have been struggling lately with my moods. I suffer from Bipolar type 2 rapid cycling disorder and this week has been rather hard for me. I started out ok however I have slowly been sleeping more and just not feeling myself. My moods have been going down so I've got some appointments booked in for my doctor, and I also see a mental health nurse and a psychiatrist so my help is all around me at the moment. Also my partner is great support and his family as well so I really appreciate that.

Struggling with depression and understanding when you need help is hard, I think its better to get help before it feels like everything is too hard for you. It's a bit easier for the doctors to treat and you will find that you will feel better earlier for talking about it sooner.

I have been struggling with this illness for a couple of years as I had a late diagnoses. I am 29 years old but I always knew there was something different about me  because I was always acting differently to other people and thinking it was a normal way to act but it was the bipolar.

Anyways I will get there and will start posting more soon. I just wanted to share with you I have started a you tube channel and I am not sure why I have lol but I have.

It is here if you want to go check it out
my video link

thanks guys

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My animal kingdom, baby guinea pigs!

Hello all!

we had an exciting day today because my female guinea pig Hippie finally gave birth to four beautiful and healthy bubs
 they are only hours old and are so adorable! one snowy white bubba which is my favourite out of the lot I want to call him Powderpuff or Marshmellow lol My partners favourite is the other curly one resting its head on the white one.
 The mother, Hippie is such a proud and happy mum, really doing well. The babies are a good and healthy size too which is great.

It will be six weeks until they are weaned and ready for their new homes, we are keeping one, my best friend is having one and another friend is taking two for her kiddo's. Do you like guinea pigs? ever had them as pets? they are such fun!
Happy Sunday

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pin up and rockabilly style thrift haul!

Hi lovelies lately I have been obsessed with rockabilly/pin up fashion and am slowly incorporating it into my everyday life! its fun, exciting and is giving me a real sense of style. Today I checked out a local opshop/thrift shop and found some fantastic clothes that suits this fantastic era.

 I am just so in love with this dress! it is by Susan and its totally the 1940's era style dress! I love the neckline and the shoulders. It's a cute print and a light material though I think I could also wear it in winter with tights and a cute cardigan. I paid $1 for this dress and it would have cost $40ish from the store. There is nothing wrong with it either.

 This floral top is so cute with the collar especially in a cream colour with floral detailing! I paid 50cents for this top. Probably would have cost $15-$20 and once again no marks or anything wrong with it, will look great with a cardigan.
 This crop top in navy and polka dot was a real find! its vintage inspired and whilst it doesn't fit perfectly yet as I am still dieting it will fit come the warmer months. It fits great everywhere except my boobs lol. I paid $1 for this top and there are no marks or anything on it would have cost approx $20. This will look great with my Witchery high waisted jeans that I got also from the opshop and only paid $2 for at the time.
I got this tank top mainly for the colour! I love mint green at the moment, its such a cute vintage colour and it will look great tucked into a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans! I paid 50cents

Not a bad haul for less than $5!
what have you thrifted? do you go to charity shops? if not why not?


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nivea Lip butter Raspberry Rose

Hello lovelies sorry I have been away I have had to do some some studying for school as exams are coming up. Anyway here I have a review about one of my most favourite lip butters ever! I have been using this for two weeks now and its non addictive and I use it daily. The scent is Raspberry Rose and every time I open it and use it anyone who is around me says how amazing it smells! its not super lingering but it just gives a nice slight scent. I am sure you have seen or used these but I'm finally on the band wagon and am not getting off!
 there are 4 flavours... but I only have this one but when I go shopping today I will be picking up more. I am obsessed with this one because its not a sickly sweet scent but tart and fresh and kind of reminds me a little of a raspberry sauce but in the scent because these obviously don't taste like anything. I paid $3.70 at Coles for this one and they do range in the $5 when not on special and at other stores. I do not know why the Australian tins and other countries tins are different as they say Kiss but ours don't.
 It comes in this adorable little tin that is so snug and closes tightly. I keep this in my hand bag at all times and since I have been using it I haven't had chapped or dry lips The product is a good thick consistency and it lasts for hours on the lips. On a good day I only need to apply it once and on a bad day I will apply it sometimes three times.
 I think these are great for value because you do get quite a bit of product in these tins, whilst I like the appeal of the tins I do not like having to dip my fingers into the products however only I am using these and I do wash my hands. This one does absorb very well into the lips, its one that really does work and leave you with soft lips that do not dry out instantly the moment you don't use it. The colour does transfer slightly onto the lips but it is very sheer and milky and with a but of rubbing in you don't notice it too much and it kind of looks like a gloss.
This butter is non greasy, long lasting, weirdly they don't feel sticky either even though the texture in the pan they could look as if they would be sticky. I found the more I used this product the more hydrated my lips were. I think for a non medicated lip product these do very well for hydrating the lips and preventing dryness.

Final verdict 
I love this product and I will be re purchasing again preferably at sale price but I would pay full price if I had to. Nivea often has sales on in Coles and other stores like Kmart so do keep an eye out for those but even if you just had one tin it will last you while! I rub my finger only slightly in this tin because otherwise I feel it could get a bit messy but if you are gentle then its not a problem.

very affordable and good quality lip butter

have you seen or used these?

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