Friday, August 15, 2014

a really great full coverage drugstore affordable foundation and blush Australis

Hi guys and thank you so much for your support after yesterdays post. I am getting better and am already feeling more motivated. So today I am showing you my latest two products that I bought last week when shopping with the bestie.

They are both from Australis and I recently saw this foundation stick by Australis and as it said heavy foundation I thought ooh gotta have me some of that, because for a drugstore brand to bring out a heavy full coverage foundation is pretty cool. I don't know of others in the low end of price that have done this? anyways this cost me $12.95 at priceline and I think its a really good price. I would buy it again at full price because its so affordable.
 I also bought the neo crush blush because they were chucking it out at $2 and I thought why not. The blush has a highlighter/bronzing effect that kind of matches the blush. Not sure how else to explain it but I thought for 2 bucks I would have it haha I am not even a blush girl because I have naturally rosy cheeks.
I just thought it was too darn pretty to pass up! and I am so glad I got it as I have been wearing it ever since and have got great compliments when wearing it.
 I actually really like the packaging on this foundation stick. It has spf 30 which I think is great. I got the shade ivory and I am glad I did because its not a very light ivory and I think the other colours would have been too dark on me. There are six shades I believe.
 Its actually a very creamy formula to apply. Really great coverage and a little goes a long way. It creates a lovely airbrushed dewy appearance on my skin. My skin is combination oily/dry. It lasts a fair amount of time, easily 9 hours.
 look how pretty this blush is! the shade is love you like a sister lol Australis where did you come up with that? I think its a limited range and they are phasing it out but its a large size.

I love the imprint of the shade, the left side has some sparkle but the right side is matte and it is really easily blendable.

What have you been wearing by Australis? tried these products at all?
I reckon I have found one of the best drugstore foundations out there. Best of all Australis is cruelty free and affordable, good quality stuff.

hugs happy Saturday

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