Sunday, August 31, 2014

Depression, whats on my face and a sniow globe

Hi guys I know I have been mia for a while however I haven't been feeling that great again, but I am bouncing back to my normal self. I am going to class today and did my make up and a first for me I curled my hair!!!

I hate those days where my moods just suck any motivation, I was using this weekend to catch up on laundry and housework and our car is in the garage because it has a busted radiator, I think we are getting it back today though.

I find it hard when I am like this, school is a struggle but if I start looking after myself again like I usually do, it generally helps.
 I only curled my bangs/fringe and I used a no heat method of pin curling when it was 90% wet. I think it turned out ok for the first go. I used my garnier mousse.
 on my face I am wearing Essence pallet ready to board limited edition, elf eye liner, essence mega lash mascara. I am wearing Australis hd tinted moisturiser and profusion bb lip balm.

 my brows will always need work lol
I purchased this snow globe from Typo the other day for $5 because my partner and I both love rabbits and foxes. He collects fox things and I collect rabbit things (and cat things lol) I just thought it was so cute!

what make up are you wearing?
hugs Jess

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