Saturday, August 16, 2014

gothishl make up ice queen blue eye shadow Daring to ware

Hello all today I was bored and had some time up my sleeves and wanted to try some different looks regarding eye shadow, I normally stick to browns and plainer colours as I do think they look best on me however I wanted to try blue. I was a bit scared of using blue because of the whole 80's flashback but I think it turned out ok for a first try. I wouldn't wear it out yet but its not scary.

 These are the products I used, Essence reload duo limited edition, cover girl flamed out mascara, models prefer eye shadow pencil, essence kajal eye liner in black, Savvy by db concealer and Australis fresh and flawless foundation and foundation powder. Oh and Chichi pallet the middle blue colour.
 I love how my skin looks in these photos. Let me know what you think on the eyes?
 I am wearing rimmel london lipstick in Lychee.

What have you been daring to wear?

Hugs Jess

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